New Statesman
Kelvin MacKenzie doesn't like being doorstepped by Channel 4
By New Statesman - 18 September 12:55

Alex Thomson confronts the former Sun editor over Hillsborough front page.

A nice, non-invasive, picture of the Duchess of Cambridge
The Kate Middleton topless photos are the grossest invasion of privacy
By Steven Baxter - 14 September 10:00

If you buy into the worst kind of paparazzi antics, you are throwing away your own privacy too.

The Nightjack blog.
Nightjack: an arrest is made
By David Allen Green - 29 August 16:33

Officers from Operation Tuleta arrest Patrick Foster.

Violinist Nicola Benedetti
The Sun's interview with violinist Nicola Benedetti was a masterclass in sexism
By Alan Williamson - 29 August 10:49

Why have words at all when you could use the space for derogatory comments and suggestive pictures?

The front page of today's Daily Express.
Don't trust the Daily Express's weather reports
By Alex Hern - 28 August 9:21

A headline with two unnecessary words, perhaps.

Prince Harry
PCC receives over 150 complaints over The Sun's publication of Prince Harry photos
By Press Gazette - 24 August 14:49

Paper says publishing the photos of the prince naked in a Las Vegas hotel room was in the public interest.

Prince Harry, sans dangly bits (sorry)
Readers are the real reason British papers won't publish the naked Prince Harry photos
By Steven Baxter - 22 August 15:11

The stock of the royal family is at such a high that newspapers fear a reader backlash more than the regulators.

Michael Fish, pretending to base-jump.
Why is Michael Fish lying about base-jumping, and why are people printing it?
By Alex Hern - 22 August 12:48

The iconic weatherman, 68, famous for mis-calling the Great Storm, did not jump off a tower block.

New Statesman
Half-yearly profit declines for Johnston Press
By New Statesman - 21 August 8:20

Though digital sales surge, newspaper sales continue to decline.

Did the Guardian try to rewrite history over Joshua Treviño?
By Helen Lewis - 19 August 9:46

Joshua Treviño is "not a correspondent", says the paper, which days earlier had released a press release to that effect.

Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson made president of New York Times
By PA Mediapoint - 15 August 9:06

The outgoing BBC director-general is to become president of the New York Times Company.

Mail Online to unemployed graduates: "Arbeit Macht Frei"
By Alex Hern - 13 August 11:44

There are easier phrases to rehabilitate.

Guardian Media Group posts £76.6m pre-tax loss
By Andrew Pugh - 13 August 11:23

Guardian Media Group has reported pre-tax losses of £75.6m in the last financial year.

Two arrested after Sunday Mirror Twitter paedo probe
By Andrew Pugh - 13 August 11:13

Sunday Mirror investigation leads to arrest of two suspected Twitter paedophiles.

70 journalists killed in first half of 2012
By Andrew Pugh - 09 August 17:03

70 journalists were killed in the first half of 2012 in what has been called “one of the bloodiest periods of recent times".

News Corporation posts massive $1.6bn loss
By New Statesman - 09 August 10:54

The pain continues for the beleaguered media company.

Elton John sues the Times
By Emma Geen - 08 August 16:01

Singer was accused in two recent articles of tax avoidance.

The Sun launches £25k reward to find missing Tia Sharp
By Press Gazette - 08 August 13:44

The Sun has offered a £25,000 reward to help find missing schoolgirl, Tia Sharp.

Southwark Cathedral
Church of England sells £1.9m shares in News Corp
By Andrew Pugh - 07 August 13:44

Church fears the company lacks commitment to reforming its corporate governance.

New Statesman
Brooks and six other journalists charged over hacking
By Press Gazette - 03 August 17:40

Former NI chief will appear in court next month.

Evgeny Lebedev
Tale of a city: See, hear, taste, touch
By Evgeny Lebedev - 25 July 17:28

As a Russian émigré, Evgeny Lebedev appreciates the freedom and joy of being a Londoner (and having Boris as mayor) more than most.

Appreciation: Alexander Cockburn
By George Eaton - 25 July 12:56

Remembering the writer and polemicist, who died last week at the age of 71.

The Mail's odd campaign against "plastic Brit" Olympic athletes
By Sunder Katwala - 25 July 12:20

Is everyone born abroad somehow not really British?

Rebekah Brooks leaving Southwark Crown Court in June.
Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson to face charges over phone hacking
By New Statesman - 24 July 11:31

Eight of the thirteen people arrested on suspicion of phone hacking will face charges.

Six things we’ve learnt from Sue Akers at the Leveson Inquiry
By Thais Portilho-Shrimpton - 23 July 18:18

We've found out that News International withdrew co-operation with the police, and the sheer size of the challenge facing the Met, says Hacked Off's Thais Portilho-Shrimpton.

The Sun's front page.
How the media shouldn't cover a mass murder
By Helen Lewis - 21 July 10:20

A look at the "Batman killer" front pages.