And the Malcolm Tucker Award goes to...
By Media Mole - 29 August 9:11

...a Government source quoted in today's <em>Times</em>.

How news is made
By Media Mole - 28 August 10:45

Samantha Brick and Shona Sibary show us how it's done.

We need to change the very language we use to talk about immigrants
By Chitra Nagarajan - 15 August 14:07

An immigrant can no more be "illegal" than a teacher or a politician. To pretend otherwise dehumanises them, writes Chitra Nagarajan.

The six most pointless summer "news" stories
By Bithia Large and Joe Collin - 09 August 15:00

It's August. There is no news to report, so our newspapers are filling their pages with this guff instead.

New Statesman
Women write just a quarter of accredited stories in our national newspapers
By Bithia Large - 09 August 10:44

Bithia Large studied the number of women writing for eight different newspapers in 2013 and found some depressing results.

Telegraph, London.
The London newspaper bias: half of "national" news is about the south east
By Joe Collin - 09 August 10:25

After surveying the regional bias of eight national newspapers over the course of two weeks, we found that 49.1 per cent of supposedly regionally-based news is focused on London and the south east.

A newspaper on the printing press.
Parasite journalism: is aggregation as bad as plagiarism?
By Willard Foxton - 29 July 16:26

When a writer lifts thoughts - or even paragraphs - from an existing work, we call it plagiarism. But news organisations do the same, and call it aggregation.

Page 3 models.
Laurie Penny on page three: the real threat to young women’s health and happiness
By Laurie Penny - 27 July 10:45

David Cameron is wrong to try and ban pornography online when the casual objectification of women continues as a decoy for vicious xenophobia and social conservatism in the mainstream media.

Would the Daily Mail website fall foul of the online porn filters it has championed?
By Alex Hern - 22 July 11:20

Ban this sick filth. No, not THIS sick filth, obviously.

Murdoch renames News International as News UK
By George Eaton - 26 June 10:02

The News Corporation head tries to detoxify his brand.

The final Page 3 News in Briefs.
Good riddance to News in Briefs, the nastiest part of Page 3
By Sarah Ditum - 26 June 9:48

The Sun has ditched its "joke" that attractive, topless women can't possibly have opinions on politics.

Dominic Mohan is replaced as Sun editor by David Dinsmore
By Press Gazette - 21 June 16:26

Mohan will take up a role advising News Corp chief executive Robert Thomson as the paper's former Scottish editor takes the helm.

Are there ethical lapses in the Times' story on William's "Indian ancestry"?
By Alex Hern - 14 June 11:02

Turning a front page story into an advert for Times+ is concerning.

New Statesman
The irony of the press criticising Michael Gove's dodgy surveys
By Michael Marshall - 14 May 12:28

Most PR-commissioned surveys are bunk – but it's not just Michael Gove who cites them.

Australian Daily Telegraph.
Hold the front page! We need free media not an Order of Mates
By John Pilger - 08 May 12:17

In Australia, hard-won rights are being buried beneath corporate might.

Giving space to Andrew Wakefield on MMR isn't balance, it's lunacy
By Martin Robbins - 13 April 15:52

The Independent should not have run the discredited doctor's claims on its front page today, says Martin Robbins.

Former Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie leaves the High Court after giving evidence.
WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Melanie Philips stole my Muslim transsexual baby, forcing me to eat my cat, which gave me cancer
By Alex Andreou - 29 March 15:56

The claim that the public benefits from a "raucous press" is almost entirely fictional. In the meantime, the likes of Lucy Meadows are trampled on.

New Statesman
Telegraph extends paywall to UK readers
By Caroline Crampton - 26 March 17:30

You'll get 20 free articles from a month, and then you'll have to pay.

Leader: Press reform is too important to be cooked up in a late-night deal
By New Statesman - 21 March 0:09

The New Statesman does not see its interests served by regulation designed to suit politicians.

The press is throwing a toddler's tantrum over Leveson
By Alex Andreou - 15 March 15:10

Much of the press seems to be belly-down on the supermarket floor, punching the linoleum, kicking out and screaming WAAH WAAH BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE REGULATED. Here are ten truths the media needs to hear.

Leveson is dead - business as usual will continue
By Steven Baxter - 14 March 12:55

There will be a "tougher" press regulator, we are told. But what of all the hours of testimony and hard-fought recommendations in the Leveson report? Were they all for nothing?

New Statesman
So… Why does the Daily Express hate the EU?
By Scott Bryan - 13 March 9:05

The <em>Daily Express</em> doesn’t like The EU.

The Queen "fights for gay rights" . . . oh really?
By Helen Lewis - 10 March 12:29

Interrogating the Mail on Sunday's tissue-thin front-page story.