Which politicians were most talked about this year?
By Samira Shackle - 30 December 14:03

Just four of Labour's frontbench make it into top 50, according to survey of national print media.

Kate Middleton: walking uterus!
By Steven Baxter - 28 December 12:35

The speculation about whether the princess is pregnant is a sad indication of the way we view our royals.

Reporters in 'near impossible' McCann story pressure
By PA Media Lawyer - 22 December 17:53

Lord Justice Leveson: 'It's all fluff'

Heather Mills: I did not play voicemail message to Piers
By Andrew Pugh - 22 December 17:34

Morgan refuses to reveal how he came to listen to the tape

First three months of Leveson Inquiry cost £855,300
By Andrew Pugh - 22 December 17:26

£85,000 spent on accommodation costs alone

Predicting the legacy of Leveson
By Steven Baxter - 22 December 16:22

Hearings of the press standards inquiry will resume on 9 January. What do we do with what we've lear

Morgan urges Leveson to show more balance to press
By Andrew Pugh - 22 December 10:44

Ex-Daily Mirror editor claimed the Leveson inquiry was not hearing about positives of journalism.

Operation Elveden: Met officer arrested
By Press Gazette - 22 December 10:38

Met's investigation into illegal payments to police by NI journalists have arrested a 52-year-old of

2011: a year of unintended consequences
By David Allen Green - 21 December 15:56

From OccupyLSX to Leveson, the British political system is not working well.

The ‘phone hacking’ was despicable, but it wasn’t hacking
By Jason Stamper - 20 December 12:31

Private investigators hired by tabloids were ‘blaggers’, not hackers.

Hoare said hacking was "endemic" at Sun and NoW
By Dominic Ponsford - 19 December 18:24

Stuart Hoare on his whistleblower NoW brother.

Caseby demands corrections on 26 Guardian articles
By PA Mediapoint - 19 December 18:18

Guardian newspaper asked to correct 26 articles alleging that the News of the World deleted Milly Do

Exit for Bournemouth Daily Echo's Ed Butterworth
By Press Gazette - 19 December 18:17

Staff confirm editor's exit after 13 years.

Mail denies taking calculated risks on breaching privacy
By Andrew Pugh - 13 December 17:38

"You [try] to take a very, very careful decision whether or not [you are being] intrusive," said Liz

Tessa Jowell in £200k NoW phone-hacking payout
By PA Media Lawyer - 13 December 17:36

Former Cabinet minister Jowell to donate half her damages to charity.

Rothermere denies agreeing peace deal with Desmond
By Andrew Pugh - 13 December 17:35

Daily Mail proprietor discusses Daily Express "mud-slinging" at Joint Committee on Privacy and Injun

News of the World may not have deleted Milly Dowler's voicemails
By Samira Shackle - 12 December 10:53

Embarrassment for the Guardian as new police evidence questions one of their central claims on phone

What do you do when an entire system fails?
By David Allen Green - 05 December 14:10

The Leveson inquiry is revealing a problem for which there may not be a solution.

Jaw-dropping anecdotes, Muslim jokes and Murakami’s sexy ear
By Helen Lewis - 05 December 0:00

Regular readers will remember Paul McMullan, the safari-suited defender of the tabloid press who was memorably recorded by Hugh Grant spilling the beans about phone-hacking in an undercover exposé for this magazine.

Why Unison is wrong to seek the sacking and arrest of Jeremy Clarkson
By David Allen Green - 01 December 14:34

The public sector trade union scores a spectacular PR own goal.

John Pilger on Iran: Once again, war is prime time and journalism’s role is taboo
By John Pilger - 01 December 8:15

With Libya recently dealt with ("It worked," said the Guardian), Iran is next, it seems.

Paul McMullan and the denial of privacy
By David Allen Green - 30 November 16:36

Why privacy is not just for "paedos".

The Mail was "as dirty as anyone"
By Samira Shackle - 29 November 10:44

Paul McMullan, the former hack secretly recorded by Hugh Grant for the <em>NS</em>, to appear before

Opposition to Murdoch re-election grows
By Roberto Barros - 28 November 17:00

Legal and General, part owner of BskyB, is poised to vote against James Murdoch's run for chairman.

Phone-hacking victim implicates unnamed newspaper
By Andrew Pugh - 28 November 15:48

Victim gave anonymous evidence to the Levesson Inquiry.

Charlotte Church claims she was offered £100k or "favourable coverage"
By Samira Shackle - 28 November 15:20

The singer alleges that she waived a £100,000 fee to sing at Rupert Murdoch's wedding in return for

What is the point of democracy?
By Peter Wilby - 28 November 0:00

Peter Wilby on the second man in the Basil D’Oliveira story, why capitalism still has legs, Tory pla

For the Leveson inquiry and free expression
By David Allen Green - 25 November 12:38

How the media ethics inquiry is circumventing the chilling power of the tabloids.

It's not all about Sienna
By Steven Baxter - 24 November 11:57

The missing witnesses at the Leveson inquiry are you and me.

What can the Leveson Inquiry do about the paparazzi?
By Helen Lewis - 24 November 10:46

While the rest of the press practises its "contrite face", the paps are unabashed.