What did the Times know about computer hacking and when?
By David Allen Green - 18 January 15:01

The Guardian disclosure raises serious questions about the 2009 NightJack case.

The Times admission about computer hacking
By David Allen Green - 17 January 15:52

But were the results of computer hacking used in any published story?

Daily Mirror editor: Hacking ''might have'' happened
By PA Media Lawyer - 16 January 18:18

Richard Wallace admits that phone hacking may have taken place at The Mirror.

Why isn’t our press more diverse?: Gary Younge
By Gary Younge - 16 January 0:00

Columnist, the Guardian

Why isn’t our press more diverse?: Lionel Barber
By Anonymous - 16 January 0:00

Editor, Financial Times

Race in the media: Black and white opinions
By Mehdi Hasan - 16 January 0:00

I can count on two hands the number of regular staff columnists over the 16 years since, with fixed slots on the comment pages of the British press, who have looked similar to me, says Mehdi Hasan.

Why isn’t our press more diverse?: Richard Peppiatt
By Richard Peppiatt - 16 January 0:00

Former reporter, Daily Star

Why isn’t our press more diverse?: Peter Wilby
By Peter Wilby - 16 January 0:00

Former editor, New Statesman

Kelvin’s honest amorality, Mitt’s weird faith and Toby’s school rules
By Peter Wilby - 16 January 0:00

Peter Wilby offers a guide to interpreting the red tops, worries about Mitt Romney, is alarmed about

Why isn’t our press more diverse?: Simon Kelner
By Simon Kelner - 16 January 0:00

Former editor, the Independent

Why isn’t our press more diverse?: Hannah Pool
By Anonymous - 16 January 0:00

Freelance journalist

Why isn’t our press more diverse?: Brian Cathcart
By Brian Cathcart - 16 January 0:00

Professor of journalism, Kingston University

Regional editors to give evidence at Leveson Inquiry
By PA Mediapoint - 13 January 16:39

Ian Hislop will be amongst those set to give evidence to the Inquiry next week.

ABCs: Every national Sunday down in December
By Press Gazette - 13 January 16:04

The Observer was the best performing title with Scotland on Sunday suffering the biggest fall.

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre paid £1.7m in 2011
By Press Gazette - 13 January 15:34

The Daily Mail General Trust will continue to pay Dacre an additional £500,000 for each full year th

"The Daily Malicious, sorry, the Daily Mail"
By Steven Baxter - 12 January 17:24

Naivety and aggression at the Leveson inquiry.

Neil Morrissey accepts Daily Mail 'bar ban' pay out
By PA Media Lawyer - 12 January 14:53

The Daily Mail alleged that the actor had been banned from a French bar for drunken behaviour.

Express continued to use convicted PI Whittamore
By Andrew Pugh - 12 January 14:49

An internal audit at Express Newspapers found that JJ Services was still being used as late as July

35 jobs to go as Trinity closes 5 offices in Scotland
By Andrew Pugh - 12 January 14:40

The Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail will merge with sister company Scottish and Universal News

Indian paid-journalism sting prompts defamation trial
By Anonymous - 12 January 14:33

Mayabhushan Nagvenkar claims to have exposed the practice of "paid news".

Minority report: the problem of race in the media
By Rafael Behr - 12 January 10:34

The Stephen Lawrence verdict was followed by waves of self-congratulation from the media. But can journalists – starting with the lobby – hold forth on the politics of race when their ranks remain so "hideously white"?

Exclusive report: Are the media racist?
By Alice Gribbin - 11 January 16:27

New Statesman survey shows ethnic minorities are still largely absent from opinion pages, senior roles and staff.

Crimewatch detective who NoW 'spied on' arrested
By PA Media Lawyer - 11 January 15:19

A Scotland Yard detective was questioned on suspicion of misconduct in public office.

Mail receives up to 400 pics of Pippa Middleton a day
By Andrew Pugh - 11 January 15:10

Picture editor Paul Silva tells Leveson that the Duchess's sister does not get special treatment.

Lord Leveson: The state cannot licence journalists
By Dominic Ponsford - 10 January 15:42

Leveson responds to Chris Blackhurst's warning that a new regulator might have the power to ban jour

Barber: 'We need to change the way we do business'
By Andrew Pugh - 10 January 15:31

FT editor agrees that newspapers should be fined for serious breaches of the code.

Times journalist was disciplined for computer hacking
By Press Gazette - 10 January 15:21

Simon Toms says that the journalist was not commissioned by News International.

Higgins: 'Sun wrong to expose de Burgh as love cheat'
By Dominic Ponsford - 10 January 15:13

The Sun's former editor says that there was always the desire "to achieve the maximum 'edge’ to the

The Leveson inquiry probes. . .why the Sun is such a great newspaper
By Steven Baxter - 10 January 11:10

The inquiry is supposed to delve into the nastier side of tabloid journalism - but Dominic Mohan got

Sun picture ed: Press pack at McCanns return wrong
By Andrew Pugh - 09 January 17:40

John Edwards admits that he did not think it was "right" that Kate McCann had to drive through an ar