Dacre says Murdoch press support allowed Iraq war
By Dominic Ponsford - 11 February 10:39

Support of News International crucial to Iraq invasion, says Daily Mail chief.

Leveson sketch: Dacre – the sequel
By Peter McHugh - 10 February 10:34

Hugh Grant's "mendacious smear" has got right up the nose of the Daily Mail chief.

Revenue boost for Mail titles and Metro
By Andrew Pugh - 08 February 11:00

Associated Newspapers enjoys circulation rise.

Mail Online
10 questions for Daily Mail boss Paul Dacre
By Steven Baxter - 06 February 10:22

The editor's appearance before the Leveson inquiry is the perfect time to ask about Mail Online.

Leveson: Former director says PCC is not a regulator
By Press Gazette - 31 January 11:45

Former boss says watchdog is merely a "complaints handler" after criticism for inaction.

Sun journalists 'sacrificed' in News Int clean-up
By Press Gazette - 30 January 13:49

NUJ claim staff at The Sun have suffered ‘damage’ to morale.

Islamophobia and the press
By Inayat Bunglawala - 29 January 10:34

No other faith group receives this inaccurate and malicious treatment in the national press.

Rothschild seeks Mail damages over Mandelson story
By Press Gazette - 27 January 11:14

Banker claims “sustained and unjustified” attacks.

Indy fastest growing UK newspaper website in December
By Press Gazette - 27 January 10:56

Mail Online remained the most read national newspaper website.

Calling time on absent press barons
By Denis MacShane - 26 January 10:51

Ownership of the media should be in the hands of citizens who live and pay taxes in our nation.

Laurie Penny on why British journalists are taught to be dishonest
By Laurie Penny - 25 January 13:59

Free speech is shackled by the UK's libel laws.

Helen, 28, has some thoughts on Page 3
By Helen Lewis - 24 January 16:42

Women's groups appear at the Leveson inquiry to talk about media sexism.

Why Leveson is right to allow anonymous witnesses
By Steven Baxter - 23 January 11:33

Sometimes, anonymity is necessary in the public interest. That does not justify the tabloid's prurie

Lebedev warns against "dangers" of press curbs
By Press Gazette - 20 January 16:40

Proprietor of the Independent says Russian media is constrained, and struggles to hold politicians t

Reporter faced harassment claim for "asking question"
By Dominic Ponsford - 20 January 16:39

Former NotW reporter says he was subjected to a £50,000 damages claim for asking a question.

Why the hacking of NightJack matters
By David Allen Green - 20 January 16:01

The <em>Times</em> finally admits that a blogger's email account was hacked.

News Int denies new phone-hacking cover up claims
By Press Gazette - 20 January 13:31

News of the World staff accused of destroying evidence in order to cover up phone hacking activity.

News International payouts: photo gallery
By Samira Shackle - 19 January 16:36

News International has paid out more than £600,000 in damages to 18 victims of phone hacking, plus l

Nineteen phone-hacking cases settled at High Court
By Press Gazette - 19 January 13:39

News International pays millions of pounds in damages to victims of phone-hacking.

Prescott: No win, no fee helped expose hacking scandal
By Press Gazette - 19 January 13:22

John Prescott claims access to no-win no-cost litigation has been central to phone hacking arrests.

Pippa Middleton in stalker law bid to curb paparazzi
By Press Gazette - 18 January 16:08

Pippa Middleton's lawyers send out warning letter to media agencies.

What did the Times know about computer hacking and when?
By David Allen Green - 18 January 15:01

The Guardian disclosure raises serious questions about the 2009 NightJack case.

The Times admission about computer hacking
By David Allen Green - 17 January 15:52

But were the results of computer hacking used in any published story?

Daily Mirror editor: Hacking ''might have'' happened
By PA Media Lawyer - 16 January 18:18

Richard Wallace admits that phone hacking may have taken place at The Mirror.

Why isn’t our press more diverse?: Richard Peppiatt
By Richard Peppiatt - 16 January 0:00

Former reporter, Daily Star

Why isn’t our press more diverse?: Peter Wilby
By Peter Wilby - 16 January 0:00

Former editor, New Statesman

Kelvin’s honest amorality, Mitt’s weird faith and Toby’s school rules
By Peter Wilby - 16 January 0:00

Peter Wilby offers a guide to interpreting the red tops, worries about Mitt Romney, is alarmed about

Why isn’t our press more diverse?: Simon Kelner
By Simon Kelner - 16 January 0:00

Former editor, the Independent

Why isn’t our press more diverse?: Hannah Pool
By Anonymous - 16 January 0:00

Freelance journalist

Mehdi Hasan on race in the media: Black and white opinions
By Mehdi Hasan - 16 January 0:00

I can count on two hands the number of regular staff columnists over the 16 years since, with fixed slots on the comment pages of the British press, who have looked similar to me, says Mehdi Hasan.