"Whitney's death bath": a morbid curiosity
By Steven Baxter - 16 February 11:15

Long may such freedom of speech continue.

Law refreshers for Guardian staff in wake of juror tweet
By Andrew Pugh - 15 February 12:16

GNM offer staff law and media course in light of Redknapp trial.

A witch-hunt against the Sun?
By David Allen Green - 13 February 12:23

Why those at the tabloid should be more concerned with News International than the police.

Arrested Sun journalist "questioned over £50 lunch claim"
By Dominic Ponsford - 13 February 12:20

An expense claim shows one of the paper's journalists took two policemen to lunch.

Should Murdoch sell the Sun?
By George Eaton - 13 February 11:19

An intriguing proposal from Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff.

Sun comes out fighting asking: Who polices the police?
By Dominic Ponsford - 13 February 10:49

Kavanagh writes article criticising police raid.

Empire of the Sun
By Steven Baxter - 12 February 9:29

If the Murdoch tabloid dies, I reserve the right not to mourn.

Dacre says Murdoch press support allowed Iraq war
By Dominic Ponsford - 11 February 10:39

Support of News International crucial to Iraq invasion, says Daily Mail chief.

Leveson sketch: Dacre – the sequel
By Peter McHugh - 10 February 10:34

Hugh Grant's "mendacious smear" has got right up the nose of the Daily Mail chief.

Revenue boost for Mail titles and Metro
By Andrew Pugh - 08 February 11:00

Associated Newspapers enjoys circulation rise.

Mail Online
10 questions for Daily Mail boss Paul Dacre
By Steven Baxter - 06 February 10:22

The editor's appearance before the Leveson inquiry is the perfect time to ask about Mail Online.

Leveson: Former director says PCC is not a regulator
By Press Gazette - 31 January 11:45

Former boss says watchdog is merely a "complaints handler" after criticism for inaction.

Sun journalists 'sacrificed' in News Int clean-up
By Press Gazette - 30 January 13:49

NUJ claim staff at The Sun have suffered ‘damage’ to morale.

Islamophobia and the press
By Inayat Bunglawala - 29 January 10:34

No other faith group receives this inaccurate and malicious treatment in the national press.

Rothschild seeks Mail damages over Mandelson story
By Press Gazette - 27 January 11:14

Banker claims “sustained and unjustified” attacks.

Indy fastest growing UK newspaper website in December
By Press Gazette - 27 January 10:56

Mail Online remained the most read national newspaper website.

Calling time on absent press barons
By Denis MacShane - 26 January 10:51

Ownership of the media should be in the hands of citizens who live and pay taxes in our nation.

Why British journalists are taught to be dishonest
By Laurie Penny - 25 January 13:59

Free speech is shackled by the UK's libel laws.

Helen, 28, has some thoughts on Page 3
By Helen Lewis - 24 January 16:42

Women's groups appear at the Leveson inquiry to talk about media sexism.

Why Leveson is right to allow anonymous witnesses
By Steven Baxter - 23 January 11:33

Sometimes, anonymity is necessary in the public interest. That does not justify the tabloid's prurie

Lebedev warns against "dangers" of press curbs
By Press Gazette - 20 January 16:40

Proprietor of the Independent says Russian media is constrained, and struggles to hold politicians t

Reporter faced harassment claim for "asking question"
By Dominic Ponsford - 20 January 16:39

Former NotW reporter says he was subjected to a £50,000 damages claim for asking a question.

Why the hacking of NightJack matters
By David Allen Green - 20 January 16:01

The <em>Times</em> finally admits that a blogger's email account was hacked.

News Int denies new phone-hacking cover up claims
By Press Gazette - 20 January 13:31

News of the World staff accused of destroying evidence in order to cover up phone hacking activity.

News International payouts: photo gallery
By Samira Shackle - 19 January 16:36

News International has paid out more than £600,000 in damages to 18 victims of phone hacking, plus l

Nineteen phone-hacking cases settled at High Court
By Press Gazette - 19 January 13:39

News International pays millions of pounds in damages to victims of phone-hacking.

Prescott: No win, no fee helped expose hacking scandal
By Press Gazette - 19 January 13:22

John Prescott claims access to no-win no-cost litigation has been central to phone hacking arrests.

Pippa Middleton in stalker law bid to curb paparazzi
By Press Gazette - 18 January 16:08

Pippa Middleton's lawyers send out warning letter to media agencies.

What did the Times know about computer hacking and when?
By David Allen Green - 18 January 15:01

The Guardian disclosure raises serious questions about the 2009 NightJack case.

The Times admission about computer hacking
By David Allen Green - 17 January 15:52

But were the results of computer hacking used in any published story?