Why we should be a little less pedantic
By Steven Baxter - 01 March 15:25

Sometimes the message is much more important than the words.

Leader: Alex Salmond is shameless in courting the Murdochs
By NS staff writer - 01 March 8:08

The Scottish First Minister has shown contempt for democracy and transparency.

Police corruption, the duck house of Hackgate and King Lear for girls
By Helen Lewis - 01 March 8:08

Rebekah Brooks's horse is the £1,645 duck house of Hackgate.

Did the News of the World seek to undermine a murder investigation?
By David Allen Green - 29 February 15:50

The significant allegation of Jacqui Hames at the Leveson inquiry.

James Murdoch to step down as executive chair of News International
By Samira Shackle - 29 February 14:19

The younger Murdoch resigns from his position to "focus on international TV".

Met withheld information on hacking, MP claims
By Press Gazette - 28 February 15:34

Simon Hughes says police "ignored evidence of long-standing and widespread criminality."

Photographer Paul Conroy "smuggled out of Syria"
By NS staff writer - 28 February 15:26

The Times photographer is now in Lebanon.

The Met "loaned" Rebekah Brooks a horse
By George Eaton - 28 February 12:40

The News International scandal takes a surreal twist.

What do the latest allegations mean for the Sun?
By Samira Shackle - 27 February 13:10

Police chief Sue Akers has claimed that there was a "culture of illegal payments" to public official

A racket at News International?
By David Allen Green - 27 February 12:56

The second module of the Leveson inquiry has an explosive start.

Murdoch claims 3m launch sale of Sun on Sunday
By PA Mediapoint - 27 February 11:11

The media mogul used Twitter to make the announcement.

Finding truth in the sandstorm
By Helen Lewis - 27 February 0:00

Covering a war "means going to places torn by chaos, destruction and death . . . and trying to bear witness. It means trying to find the truth in

Sun on Sunday: a muted debut
By Steven Baxter - 26 February 18:28

Not quite brave new world, not quite News of the World re-badged.

Sun on Sunday: debut front page
By Jon Bernstein - 25 February 21:43

First look at News International's new Sunday tabloid.

Can the Sun on Sunday really keep Rupert happy?
By Jon Bernstein - 25 February 9:42

The Murdoch tabloid will have to buck the industry trend.

Star Sunday: Spelman ruling victory for press freedom
By PA Mediapoint - 24 February 16:27

Judge concludes it is "not necessary or proportionate" to continue the injunction.

Journalism Diversity Fund open for applications
By Luke Lambert - 24 February 11:17

Young journalists could get financial help to launch career.

Times leads pack at British Sports Journalism Awards
By Luke Lambert - 24 February 11:11

Newspaper receives ten nominations.

Cherie Blair files hacking suit
By Andrew McIntyre - 23 February 17:02

The former prime minister's wife alleges News of the World hacked her phone.

Colin Stagg sues News Int over phone-hacking
By Sarah Limbrick - 23 February 14:01

Former murder suspect latest person to sue NI over phone hacking claims.

PCC: Guardian's Duggan headline was misleading
By Andrew Pugh - 23 February 13:52

The headline about the event that helped trigger the 2011 London riots was also inaccurate, the PCC

Militant secularists, tragic bathtubs and Biggles on Newsnight
By Helen Lewis - 23 February 11:55

In these troubled economic times, isn't it good to know that some parts of our export market are thriving?

Gove: We have everything to lose from fettering press
By Press Gazette - 22 February 11:33

Education secretary questions the role of regulation in the press.

Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin killed in Syria
By George Eaton - 22 February 11:05

Acclaimed war reporter killed after her house was shelled in Homs.

Standard's Patrick McGowan dies aged 60
By Paul Cheston - 21 February 10:47

Reporter who uncovered some of the most important crime stories of recent times passes away.

How the seven-day Sun could change Sundays forever
By Steven Baxter - 21 February 9:53

If the new venture succeeds, it may become more inviting for others to consider combining daily and

News Int could face hacking claim from Bulger killer
By NS staff writer - 20 February 15:29

Robert Thompson is reportedly suing the News of the World publisher.

5 headlines you won't see in the Sun on Sunday
By Samira Shackle - 20 February 15:18

"Up yours UK laws", and other suggestions for the newspaper's first splash.

Murdoch launches new Sun on Sunday title
By Rob Pollard - 20 February 12:04

News International claims "this is our moment".

Murdoch: "Sun on Sunday" on its way
By Alice Gribbin - 17 February 13:52

News International employees appear surprised by new NotW announcement.