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As the Daily Mail and Guardian slug it out over MI5 and press reform, who really hates Britain?
By Peter Wilby - 24 October 14:47

Even the editor of the Mail seems less than confident about 'the man who hated Britain' now. Meanwhile, the Guardian featured "the world's leading editors" in a piece that failed to include a single journalist employed by Rupert Murdoch.

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Miliband v the Mail, Gordon Brown’s confessions and football’s endgame
By Peter Wilby - 10 October 15:14

The Mail gave Ed Miliband an opportunity to show that, far from being a calculating figure who knifed his brother, he is motivated by a profound love of “my Dad”.

British newspaper are displayed for sale
Leader: The false choice on press reform
By New Statesman - 09 October 16:11

The underlying principles of this fight have too often been forgotten in a round of score-settling and protection of vested interests.

We need a free press, not a calm, pretty one
By David Banks - 09 October 9:34

The cross-party plan for press regulation is unlikely to work, nor should we let it. Anyway, those proposing greater regulation of the press overestimate its influence and underestimate the good sense of their readers.

The Sun's frontpage for 7 October 2013. Photo via @SuttonNick on Twitter
Laurie Penny on The Sun: fearmongering about mental health is what's really monstrous
By Laurie Penny - 07 October 14:22

The paper's frontpage claim that "1,200 killed by mental patients" is misleading - and it exposes exactly the kind of prejudice that implies people with mental health problems are violent, unstable monsters.

The Daily Mail has its better angels too
By Sunder Katwala - 05 October 16:35

Whatever its faults, the paper was responsible for the best, most courageous and most impactful newspaper front page of my lifetime - on Stephen Lawrence.

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Why Labour politicans hate each other and I loved reading Melanie Phillips
By Peter Wilby - 03 October 15:37

Tory tensions, "cowardly" killers, and Cameron's bunny ears.

It's time for all politicians to unite against the likes of the Daily Mail
By Emma Burnell - 01 October 9:40

Ed Miliband is challenging the way we do politics, and quite right too. When will other politicians step up and join him?

Ed Miliband opens fire on the Daily Mail
By Media Mole - 30 September 10:42

The Labour leader expresses his anger at the paper's "denigration" of his father's life and work.

New Statesman
Journalese is like a poker player’s tell: it shows when a story is flimsy
By Robert Hutton - 26 September 11:14

As George Orwell knew, the words we use shape the way we think. Perhaps all reporters should take a compilation of 'journalese' words more seriously.

New Statesman
Why J K Rowling needs to buy her own national newspaper
By Jonn Elledge - 24 September 11:49

If the Potter series author owned her own news outlet, she could change the mood music of British politics.

Ed Miliband's Old Etonian fightback
By Media Mole - 18 September 12:28

The <em>Sunday Telegraph</em>'s Political Editor Patrick Hennessy is to join Ed Miliband's team as Deputy Director of Communications.

Telegraph Men.
Telegraph Men: Isn’t that just the Telegraph?
By Media Mole - 12 September 13:14

Does the Telegraph's new section A) aim to expand the boundaries of masculinity, or B) feature the same group of blokes whining about the same old rubbish?

New Statesman
Chelsea Manning, pronouns and the press
By Juliet Jacques - 05 September 12:40

It's been a fraught year for relations between trans people and the British press, from Richard Littlejohn singling out transsexual teacher Lucy Meadows, to the reaction to Chelsea Manning's announcement.

New Statesman
Did About Time fake its Twitter reviews?
By Media Mole - 04 September 17:07

Sometimes it's really important to check for typos.

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The MediaGuardian 100 list goes all 2006 on us
By Media Mole - 02 September 8:48

The paper's annual media power ranking puts "you" at the top of the list. Sound familiar?

And the Malcolm Tucker Award goes to...
By Media Mole - 29 August 9:11

...a Government source quoted in today's <em>Times</em>.

How news is made
By Media Mole - 28 August 10:45

Samantha Brick and Shona Sibary show us how it's done.

We need to change the very language we use to talk about immigrants
By Chitra Nagarajan - 15 August 14:07

An immigrant can no more be "illegal" than a teacher or a politician. To pretend otherwise dehumanises them, writes Chitra Nagarajan.

The six most pointless summer "news" stories
By Bithia Large and Joe Collin - 09 August 15:00

It's August. There is no news to report, so our newspapers are filling their pages with this guff instead.

New Statesman
Women write just a quarter of accredited stories in our national newspapers
By Bithia Large - 09 August 10:44

Bithia Large studied the number of women writing for eight different newspapers in 2013 and found some depressing results.

Telegraph, London.
The London newspaper bias: half of "national" news is about the south east
By Joe Collin - 09 August 10:25

After surveying the regional bias of eight national newspapers over the course of two weeks, we found that 49.1 per cent of supposedly regionally-based news is focused on London and the south east.

A newspaper on the printing press.
Parasite journalism: is aggregation as bad as plagiarism?
By Willard Foxton - 29 July 16:26

When a writer lifts thoughts - or even paragraphs - from an existing work, we call it plagiarism. But news organisations do the same, and call it aggregation.

Page 3 models.
Laurie Penny on page three: the real threat to young women’s health and happiness
By Laurie Penny - 27 July 10:45

David Cameron is wrong to try and ban pornography online when the casual objectification of women continues as a decoy for vicious xenophobia and social conservatism in the mainstream media.

Would the Daily Mail website fall foul of the online porn filters it has championed?
By Alex Hern - 22 July 11:20

Ban this sick filth. No, not THIS sick filth, obviously.

Murdoch renames News International as News UK
By George Eaton - 26 June 10:02

The News Corporation head tries to detoxify his brand.