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PCC receives over 150 complaints over The Sun's publication of Prince Harry photos

Paper says publishing the photos of the prince naked in a Las Vegas hotel room was in the public interest.

Almost two-thirds of Britons believe The Sun was wrong to publish naked pictures of Prince Harry, according to a new poll.

Just 21 per cent felt publication was in the public interest, while 14 per cent of those surveyed had already seen the images – with almost half (48 per cent) saying they had no interest in seeing them on or offline.

The Usurv poll, which surveyed 1,000 adults across the UK online, found that more women (71 per cent) thought publication infringed his privacy compared to just 58 per cent of men.

The results come after the Press Complaints Commission revealed it had received more than 150 complaints over the photographs in today’s Sun.

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