Lord Judge calls for technology to boost court reporting
By Press Gazette - 30 March 12:10

In a speech, Lord Judge expressed hopes for technology to improve implementation of justice.

Social media boosts online advertising revenues
By Francisco Perez - 29 March 12:13

Report shows £945m was made from advertising on social networks, as the online display sector genera

Endemol buys a 50 per cent stake in gossip site Holy Moly
By Francisco Perez - 28 March 13:22

Investment by the reality television producer will allow the website to expand to other popular cult

Music royalties fall for the first time ever
By Liam McLaughlin - 28 March 12:27

The Performing Right Society report a drop of 1 per cent in total royalties.

Huffington Post to launch UK edition over the summer.
By Francisco Perez - 25 March 11:16

This future site is part of Huffington and AOL's strategy to further enter international markets.

iPad 2 hype begins early
By Liam McLaughlin - 25 March 11:10

Consumers camp outside London's Apple stores for up to 33 hours.

Independent News Media announces digital projects to come
By Francisco Perez - 22 March 12:53

INM has unveiled four projects aiming to diversify the group's digital activities.

The hyperlocal landgrab
By Alex Klaushofer - 18 March 18:34

Who will come out on top in the coming battle between new and old media over hyperlocal news?

New York Times to charge for website access
By Francisco Perez - 18 March 11:35

The newspaper will charge for access to its website globally as of March 28

European Union seeks more privacy for social network users
By Liam McLaughlin - 17 March 11:40

The EU plans to enforce higher standards of privacy on social networks.

Twitter co-founder to join Huffington Post amidst AOL struggle
By Francisco Perez - 16 March 12:05

Biz Stone to work across Huffington Post Media and other AOL assets.

Assange: the internet is "the greatest spying machine the world has ever seen"
By Liam McLaughlin - 16 March 11:47

The statement from the Wikileaks Chief came during a speech at the Cambridge Union.

Shortlist to launch email newsletter sister brand to Stylist
By Press Gazette - 15 March 12:20

The new daily email newsletter will be sent to registered users as of April.

Court hands down first Twitter libel damages order
By Press Gazette - 14 March 10:34

Welsh councillor fined £3000 for defamatory tweet

Six Facebook billionaires on Forbes rich list
By James Preston - 10 March 11:44

Goldman Sachs injection leads to vast increases in wealth.

Perform to float on stock exchange
By James Preston - 10 March 11:20

Company looks to raise money to build business.

Twitter auction launched for Comic Relief
By James Preston - 10 March 8:16

Famous faces offer 'follows' and prizes on social networking website.

News International claims paywall benefit for advertisers
By James Preston - 08 March 11:15

Research company finds higher user engagement and opinion of adverts from subscribers.

Kevin Marsh to leave the BBC after 33 years
By Press Gazette - 03 March 12:31

Marsh was editor of the Today programme in the run in the the second Iraq war.

Adverts for fast broadband speeds are misleading and unrealistic says Ofcom
By Susannah Butter - 02 March 10:52

Internet service providers unable to deliver the fast speeds that they promise.

Assange blames "Jewish" journalists for negative coverage
By James Preston - 01 March 18:18

The WikiLeaks founder also hits out at the Guardian in a phone conversation with the editor of Priva

Is it the end of the bad old days for the Daily Express and Daily Star?
By Steven Baxter - 01 March 11:16

With increasing cross-promotion within his group, Richard Desmond can no longer pander solely to Little Englanders.

Showbiz agency expands with new London video unit
By Dominic Ponsford - 01 March 10:25

Splash News TV builds on success of its videon stream service.

Working group formed over website blocking
By James Preston - 25 February 12:18

ISPs, rights holders and search engines come together to find new solutions for tackling illegal fil

ABCe: Mail Online reaches 56m browsers in January
By Dominic Ponsford - 25 February 12:08

Online newspaper site is continually expanding according to figures.

Twitter account information order being fought in US court
By Victoria Mitchell - 16 February 12:02

Civil liberties lawyers are contesting disclosure orders in the ongoing Wikileaks row.

Cosmopolitan.co.uk to undergo relaunch this week
By Press Gazette - 16 February 11:41

New website for women's glossy will encourage user- interaction.

Why Facebook is stressing us out
By Jason Stamper - 16 February 11:30

New study finds social network gives us the heebie-jeebies.

Twitter chief: Google offer is "rumour"
By James Preston - 15 February 11:53

Twitter's chief executive moves to dismiss takeover talk and outlines future plans for the social ne

Revolts don’t have to be tweeted: Laurie Penny on a force bigger than technology
By Laurie Penny - 15 February 11:40

There is a lot more to the recent uprisings than just the knock-on effects of social media.