Editor apologises over “hottest sex offenders” story
By Tom Kavanagh - 16 May 15:06

Houston Press editor Richard Connelly backs down over ‘10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders L

News apps, iPads and sites rated
By Alice Gribbin - 13 May 18:31

Report praises Guardian for its cross-channel features and names Sun worst for digital usability.

Six Online Media Awards nominations for Press Gazette
By Press Gazette - 12 May 15:22

OMA Awards 23 June, Marriot Kensington, London.

Tabloid morality, missing Madeleine and the perils of a clever politician
By Peter Wilby - 12 May 13:28

The downmarket newspapers can scarcely contain their glee at the rash of allegations on Twitter, naming celebrities who have supposedly taken out superinjunctions to prevent publication of details of their sexual behaviour.

Twitter users take on superinjunctions
By Alice Gribbin - 09 May 15:36

Tweet tags reveal those allegedly granted gagging orders.

NI marketing boss completes Beyond the Paywall line-up
By Press Gazette - 05 May 12:53

Event at City University, London on 9 May, 7pm.

New secret files leak shines light on Guantanamo
By Press Gazette - 26 April 13:13

Detainee assessment briefs contain intelligence on some of the 172 currents inmates and 604 since tr

Pulitzer Prize: First web-based win
By Alice Gribbin - 19 April 16:00

Online investigative news group ProPublica win America's great journalism award

Twitter allegedly set to buy Tweetdeck for $50m
By Francisco Perez - 19 April 12:36

Owner Ian Dodsworth remains silent on a transaction which could strengthen Twitter’s technological o

Accountancy Age scraps print edition
By Andrew Pugh - 18 April 15:24

The Incisive Media publication will be online-only from this week.

Leader: The bugger tweeted
By Staff blogger - 15 April 14:03

It's easy to be cynical about Twitter but there are times when it comes into its own.

Confessions of a fuzzy twit
By Simon Pegg - 14 April 13:48

The actor/director Simon Pegg describes his initiation into the Twitterverse.

What’s new about WikiLeaks?
By Julian Assange - 14 April 13:35

We shouldn’t be surprised by the war on WikiLeaks. The elite have always loathed the radical press,

New BBC Online licence confirms reduced service
By Andrew Pugh - 14 April 13:18

The BBC Trust has published its revised service licence for BBC Online following a strategic review

Publishers fight 'damaging' new fees for online video
By Andrew Pugh - 14 April 12:57

Transfer of regulation of video-on-demand sector could cost businesses thousands.

Unpaid bloggers to take Ariana Huffington to court
By Francisco Perez - 13 April 18:58

Former Huffington Post contributors have filed a $105m lawsuit over the sale of the website to inter

Leader: Democracy depends upon a free media and an informed public
By Jemima Khan - 07 April 17:01

The WikiLeaks cables exposed government corruption, war crimes and human rights abuses.

BBC must be 'more vigilant' over outsourcing deals
By Press Gazette - 07 April 13:19

Public Accounts Committee criticizes BBC deal with Siemens over a major digital technology project

Olympics auction for outside ad space
By Liam McLaughlin - 04 April 14:22

Advertising space at the London 2012 Olympics is to be auctioned online.

Lord Judge calls for technology to boost court reporting
By Press Gazette - 30 March 12:10

In a speech, Lord Judge expressed hopes for technology to improve implementation of justice.

Social media boosts online advertising revenues
By Francisco Perez - 29 March 12:13

Report shows £945m was made from advertising on social networks, as the online display sector genera

Endemol buys a 50 per cent stake in gossip site Holy Moly
By Francisco Perez - 28 March 13:22

Investment by the reality television producer will allow the website to expand to other popular cult

Music royalties fall for the first time ever
By Liam McLaughlin - 28 March 12:27

The Performing Right Society report a drop of 1 per cent in total royalties.

Huffington Post to launch UK edition over the summer.
By Francisco Perez - 25 March 11:16

This future site is part of Huffington and AOL's strategy to further enter international markets.

iPad 2 hype begins early
By Liam McLaughlin - 25 March 11:10

Consumers camp outside London's Apple stores for up to 33 hours.

Independent News Media announces digital projects to come
By Francisco Perez - 22 March 12:53

INM has unveiled four projects aiming to diversify the group's digital activities.

The hyperlocal landgrab
By Alex Klaushofer - 18 March 18:34

Who will come out on top in the coming battle between new and old media over hyperlocal news?

New York Times to charge for website access
By Francisco Perez - 18 March 11:35

The newspaper will charge for access to its website globally as of March 28

European Union seeks more privacy for social network users
By Liam McLaughlin - 17 March 11:40

The EU plans to enforce higher standards of privacy on social networks.