Tory supporters launch anti-Brown Twitter campaign
By New Statesman - 19 April 15:48

The "A Voice From 2015" campaign was launched by Conservative supporters in the advertising industry

Talktalk opens London office
By New Statesman - 19 April 15:44

The home phone and broadband provider, will open a new office in Soho on Monday to offer free intern

Facebook develops algorithms to tackle offenders
By New Statesman - 19 April 15:36

Innovations will track the behaviour of users and warn others if the user resorts to suspicious acti

Canada to table copyright bill this spring
By New Statesman - 19 April 13:58

Forthcoming legislation set to modernise the country's copyright laws.

People consume more media and pay less, according to report
By New Statesman - 19 April 13:55

A new research report by YouGov says people are consuming more media than what they did six months a

Mars brings back John Barnes' rap
By New Statesman - 16 April 12:13

England football star John Barnes is back in World In Motion song for new Mars advert, after a gap o

Scotsman launches iPhone app
By Dominic Ponsford - 16 April 11:46

The Scotsman has launched what it claims is Scotland's first newspaper iPhone app.

Young Americans anxious about online privacy
By New Statesman - 16 April 11:19

Young people as concerned online privacy issues as older citizens, survey suggests.

Illustrated London News digitises 160 years of archives
By New Statesman - 16 April 11:14

The Illustrated London News Historical Archive 1842-2003 features the complete run of the weekly pub

Google’s share price falls despite revenue growth
By New Statesman - 16 April 11:09

Share price fell 5 per cent despite a rise in 2010 revenue.

Angry Romanians hack Daily Telegraph website
By New Statesman - 16 April 10:58

Hackers were disgruntled with newspaper’s identification of gypsies with Romanians.

Superfast broadband increases net piracy, says survey
By New Statesman - 16 April 10:53

More than one third of internet users believe it makes it easier to download content illegally.

US Library of Congress to archive Twitter
By Meenal Vamburkar - 15 April 18:25

Every tweet since 2006 will be archived.

Viewers get ready for TV debate
By Meenal Vamburkar - 15 April 18:07

About 21 million people are expected to tune into tonight's ITV debate

Australian media house launches anti-ageing website
By New Statesman - 15 April 13:27

Australian online media company Independent Digital Media (IDM) has launched a beauty website aimed

Apple postpones UK iPad launch to May
By New Statesman - 15 April 13:24

Apple has announced it will delay the launch of the iPad in the UK by a month.

Economist adds conversation cloud tool to website
By New Statesman - 15 April 12:29

The Economist has launched a new tool which lets readers know about the most commented and debated c urges US court to lift ban on "hot news"
By New Statesman - 15 April 12:26

The financial news and service website has asked a US federal judge to lift the ban on its "hot news

Daily Express to launch iPad app
By New Statesman - 15 April 12:10

The Daily Express has confirmed it is preparing an app for the Apple iPad.

Bing to include tweets in search results
By New Statesman - 15 April 11:56

Bing has unveiled a new real-time Twitter feed search feature.

Google launches Twitter search service
By New Statesman - 15 April 11:45

Google has launched a new Twitter archive search feature on its website.

Facebook installs Safety Centre
By New Statesman - 14 April 13:48

It aims to provide information to teenagers, parents, teachers and law enforcement personnel on how

Yahoo! to release web style guide
By New Statesman - 14 April 13:38

Yahoo! is releasing a style guide for web writers, editors and designers on 6 July.

Tory website rated 'slowest and worst'
By New Statesman - 14 April 13:30

Website monitoring firm Site Confidence has rated the performance of the Conservative Party's campai launches Twitter newspaper
By New Statesman - 14 April 13:20

A new website called, which enables Twitter members to read a Twitter stream as a daily new

Laurie Penny: The Digital Economy Bill has betrayed the young
By Laurie Penny - 14 April 12:20

Positive engagement with the digital generation interests the political classes only when they want something from us.

Twitter announces promotional "tweets"
By Ian K Smith - 13 April 18:12

The micro-blogging site announced it will begin working promotional posts into its search feeds and

Brown attacks pay-walls
By New Statesman - 13 April 17:58

The prime minister comes out against the plans of Rupert Murdoch and others to shut off online conte

The Bard Goes Digital: Such Tweet Sorrow
By Charlotte Newman - 13 April 16:02

Romeo and Juliet gets the 21st century treatment with a unique performance live on Twitter

Scottish Dental gets an overhaul
By New Statesman - 13 April 13:29

Publishers launch new website and revamped magazine.