Anita Sarkeesian
Dear The Internet, This Is Why You Can't Have Anything Nice
By Helen Lewis - 12 June 11:34

Anita Sarkeesian's project to expose stereotypes in video games attracts a maelstrom of hate.

Thank you, hater video by Clever Pie and Isabel Fay
Thank you Hater! Anti-troll song goes viral
By Helen Lewis - 09 June 9:38

Comedian Isabel Fay takes aim at internet bullies.

Twitter goes trademark crazy
By Alex Hern - 07 June 9:48


Sideboob of Shame
By Alex Hern - 07 June 7:57

The Huffington Post has a whole section devoted to sideboobs. What more to add?

New Statesman
Paul Chambers appeal on 27 June 2012
By David Allen Green - 01 June 13:50

The TwitterJokeTrial appeal may be heard by Britain’s most senior judge.

I love you video games, so why do you keep doing this?
By Helen Lewis - 31 May 10:56

Sexy, sexy sexism in the <i>Hitman: Absolution</i> trailer.

New Statesman
Assange and the Supreme Court decision
By David Allen Green - 30 May 15:51

The extradition of an alleged rapist comes another step nearer

Press Gazette relaunches as free weekly magazine
Press Gazette relaunches as free weekly magazine
By Press Gazette - 30 May 11:58

Journalists' title goes digital

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrives at court.
Julian Assange loses extradition appeal
By George Eaton - 30 May 9:36

WikiLeaks founder will return to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault.

Rebranded press trade body claims 2m readership boost
Rebranded press trade body claims 2m readership boost
By Dominic Ponsford - 21 May 10:56

Newsworks releases statistics on advertising value.

New Statesman
Online Media Awards 2012: finalists
By Alice Gribbin - 17 May 10:48

New Statesman nominated in two categories.

New Statesman
New appointments and web expansion
By New Statesman - 16 May 14:22

Changes at the New Statesman.

New Statesman
UK Twitter users hit 10m
By Harriet Williams - 15 May 12:25

Record numbers of Twitter users access the service on a mobile.
The Vagenda joins
By Alice Gribbin - 14 May 12:22

Feminist bloggers find a second home.

C of E invokes power of prayer to help the press
C of E invokes power of prayer to help the press
By Andrew Pugh - 09 May 13:26

Sunday 20th May has been designated a day of prayer for the media.

New Statesman
Nine bailed over naming rape victim on Twitter
By Emily Wight - 03 May 11:28

Those bailed disclosed the name of footballer Ched Evans' rape victim.

New Statesman
Johnston Press predicts "few daily print titles" by 2020
By Andrew Pugh - 26 April 11:15

The media group predicts that digital audiences will grow from 10m to 20m by 2020

New Statesman
Twitter arrests imminent over naming Evans rape victim
By Press Gazette - 25 April 12:22

North Wales Police force says they are investigating.

New Statesman
Do we deserve Twitter?
By Emily Wight - 24 April 18:08

After racism and sexism have abounded on Twitter, perhaps we are not worthy of it.

New Statesman
Sky News accidentally names Ched Evans rape victim
By Emily Wight - 24 April 15:32

The broadcaster displayed tweets betraying her anonymity.

New Statesman
Fleet Street Blues settles with PR firm over Tulisa story
By Andrew Pugh - 24 April 10:31

The website shut down in March after PR firm Hackford Jones took libel action.

Huffington Post, Pulitzer Prize, winners
Pulitzer Prize 2012: the winners
By New Statesman - 17 April 10:29

A full list of the winners of the annual prize for journalism and the arts.

Noel Edmonds Internet Troll Hunter
Don't leave a comment
By Helen Lewis - 12 April 12:47

What’s the point of turning the net into a giant lavatory wall?

Samantha Brick on Mail Online
Beauty and post-postbag journalism
By Steven Baxter - 05 April 10:47

What online writer doesn't bait readers to get their hits fix?

Times editor James Harding arrives at the Leveson Inquiry in January.
Lessons from Leveson
By David Allen Green - 04 April 7:56

Ignorance is no excuse.

New Statesman
The Flash Mob
By Eleanor Hirst - 03 April 16:51

How twitter is shrinking short fiction.

UK internet ad spending at record £5bn
UK internet ad spending at record £5bn
By Andrew McIntyre - 03 April 11:33

Last year, web advertising expenditures rose 14 per cent from a year earlier.

Huffington Post, bloggers, lawsuit
HuffPo bloggers lose legal bid for share of $315m sale
By Press Gazette - 03 April 11:17

Court rules that unpaid bloggers are not entitled to share of the profits.

New Statesman
Welcome to the new site
By Jon Bernstein - 03 April 7:00

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Fabrice Muamba, jail and racist tweets
By Steven Baxter - 27 March 20:40

When does being offensive become an offence?