The legal mythology of the extradition of Julian Assange
By David Allen Green - 03 September 10:34

Why the “zombie facts” of Assange supporters are wrong.

Giles Coren's Twitter page.
Yes, Giles Coren is absurdly thin-skinned, but aren't most writers?
By Steven Baxter - 28 August 16:53

The restaurant critic's Twitter "flounce" is typical - writers are just terribly insecure people.

Julian Assange at the High Court in 2011
Let’s not confuse the activities of WikiLeaks with those of Assange
By Luke Harding - 22 August 16:41

Watching from outside Ecuador’s embassy in London on 19 August, I found it hard not to admire Julian Assange. Or at least his determination.

Julian Assange arrives at the Supreme Court on 1 February 2012.
The pursuit of Julian Assange is an assault on freedom and a mockery of journalism
By John Pilger - 22 August 16:35

The British government’s threat to invade the Ecuadorean embassy in London and seize Julian Assange is of historic significance.

Michael Fish, pretending to base-jump.
Why is Michael Fish lying about base-jumping, and why are people printing it?
By Alex Hern - 22 August 12:48

The iconic weatherman, 68, famous for mis-calling the Great Storm, did not jump off a tower block.

George Galloway discussed Julian Assange on his video podcast.
George Galloway: Assange is only accused of "bad sexual etiquette"
By Alex Hern - 20 August 13:45

It can't be rape if you are "already in the sex game", argues Respect MP.

Two arrested after Sunday Mirror Twitter paedo probe
By Andrew Pugh - 13 August 11:13

Sunday Mirror investigation leads to arrest of two suspected Twitter paedophiles.

Porn never did me any harm
By Steve Baxter - 09 August 16:13

Parents and educators alike know they can do everything in their power to stop kids from being exposed to stuff that isn't 'age appropriate', but they'll find it sooner or later, whether we like it or not. Should we worry?

Some images from Sao Paulo
Instagram + GPS = Cities, Now
By Alex Hern - 08 August 12:24

A new site shows the beauty of cities around the world. But it also reminds us of the redefinition of privacy

An "extreme" prosecution?
By David Allen Green - 07 August 13:51

The offence in the infamous “Tiger porn” case is being used again

New Statesman
Mirror's digital publisher Matt Kelly to leave Trinity
By Andrew Pugh - 06 August 12:23

Departure after 18 years across Mirror titles.

Censorship and porn week
By New Statesman - 06 August 8:28

A themed week on the NS blogs.

Bloggers don't use typewriters
Do bloggers need a "kitemark" to gain their readers' trust?
By Steven Baxter - 03 August 10:02

Standards and boundaries could be helpful.

New Statesman
News Corp axes 50 staff at The Daily
By Andrew Pugh - 01 August 11:14

Over a quarter of digital paper staff to be laid off.

British diver Tom Daley
Involving the police is not the way to teach trolls a lesson
By Robert Sharp - 31 July 14:51

People have a right to be angry.

Douchebag Twitter.
The #nbcfail isn't about email addresses, it's about corporate cronyism
By Alex Hern - 31 July 9:28

Twitter needs to be clear if they have bent the rules for their commercial partners.

A male-only athletics race from the London 2012 videogame.
The official Olympics videogame thinks women's sports are boring
By Helen Lewis - 30 July 11:20

Sega only likes women if they're in bikinis.

Paul Chambers celebrates demurely.
Twitter joke: No evidence anyone found tweet 'menacing'
By Press Gazette - 27 July 12:33

Paul Chambers wins his appeal over the "Twitter Joke Trial"

Royal Courts of Justice.
High Court to give "Twitter Joke Trial" appeal verdict
By David Allen Green - 26 July 16:58

Lord Chief Justice to hand down judgment today

The front page of Steam.
Valve panics as Windows 8 prepares to drink Steam's milkshake
By Alex Hern - 26 July 12:03

Platform owners gear up to leverage their power.

Portrait by Leonie Hampton for the New Statesman
David Bailey: “I like George Osborne. He makes sense to me”
By Rebecca McClelland - 26 July 9:04

The photographer on politics, the East End and his time as a debt collector.

Cassetteboy is back, taking Boris Johnson to new levels of incomprehensibility
By Alex Hern - 24 July 13:58

Boris Johnson on the Olympic Games (sort of): "A kind of cringe-making clash of civilisations"

Gamers Against Bigotry is hacked... by gamers in favour of bigotry
By Helen Lewis - 24 July 11:59

A site which opposed racist, sexist language in online multiplayer is repeatedly taken down by hackers.

Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand seems to think his "choc-ice banter" is a private conversation
By Sam Delaney - 19 July 12:17

Footballers, freed from the clutches of their media advisers, can become alarmingly interesting online.

A Greenpeace activist covers the logo of the Shell oil company
Epic Shell PR fail? No, the real villains here are Greenpeace
By Martin Robbins - 18 July 11:15

Since when were Greenpeace the bad guys?

The front page of the new
Microsoft exits
By Alex Hern - 16 July 8:11

The last of the new/old media team-ups ends

New Statesman
Former social media giant Digg sold for a pittance
By Alex Hern - 13 July 10:33

Digg parceled up and sold off for a tenth of its peak value.

Oolicemen wait on standby for more violence in south London, on August 9, 2011
"Frontline" police tweeter Inspector Winter is a fake
By Caroline Crampton - 13 July 9:53

A conman is under investigation for impersonating an officer both on the social network and in person.