Sunday Times iPad app to launch on Friday
By Dominic Ponsford - 09 December 10:23

App will offer access to all 12 sections of the website plus a new interactive TV guide

Yahoo launches hyperlocal news site in the US
By New Statesman - 09 December 10:22

Yahoo on Wednesday launched a new local site that offers local news, activities and deals of a few n

Google to launch 'search without search' in 2011
By New Statesman - 09 December 10:01

New concept which takes into account a user's location and context to figure out what pieces of info

Twitter products VP Jason Goldman steps down
By New Statesman - 09 December 9:55

Goldman said he will still be involved with the microblogging site as an advisor

Facebook not to disable WikiLeaks account yet
By New Statesman - 09 December 9:51

"We haven't received any official requests to disable the WikiLeaks page" said a spokesman

Laurie Penny: tell me what a rapist looks like
By Laurie Penny - 09 December 9:33

When talking about Julian Assange, remember: if global justice movements had to rely solely on people of impeccable character to further their cause, we would probably still be trying to end slavery.

Twitter embeds more multimedia content onto its panel
By New Statesman - 08 December 10:13

Instagram,, Rdio, Slideshare and DipDive will be among the 20 companies that will embed thei

Facebook to add 100 jobs in Dublin
By New Statesman - 08 December 10:08

Company currently has 200 employees at its Dublin base so with new additions, staff strength will in

Wait until 2012 to judge me, says Yahoo’s Carol Bartz
By New Statesman - 08 December 10:02

Bartz reminded investors that it would take two years to resolve technical issues on which Yahoo had

Google buys UK speech technology firm to boost voice output capacity
By New Statesman - 08 December 9:56

Search company is confident that it is moving towards "Star Trek future"

Lord Patten applies for BBC Trust chairman job
By New Statesman - 08 December 9:52

UK's Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has been looking for a suitable candidate to succ

Mail Online has second-largest web audience among world newspapers
By New Statesman - 07 December 15:32

More than 32 million people visit the British newspaper's site every month

Twitter denies keeping WikiLeaks out of trending topics
By New Statesman - 07 December 15:18

Media reports claimed the site had deliberately kept off the tweets from its hot topics

Lonely Planet appoints Dominic Rowell as managing director of digital
By New Statesman - 07 December 15:13

Rowell takes over the new responsibility from Kelly Brough, who resigned as global online director l

London's Southwark Council to allow recordings of its meetings
By New Statesman - 07 December 15:08

Request approved although video recordings will require prior consent

Print media 'very resilient' and paywalls unpopular, says study
By Dominic Ponsford - 07 December 10:58

KPMG study also found that a large majority prefer printed products over online and mobile devices.

Businesses to leverage more social networking tools by 2011: IDC report
By New Statesman - 07 December 10:35

Many small and medium-sized businesses will turn to social networks such as Facebook to establish a

WikiLeaks founder to appear in UK court
By New Statesman - 07 December 10:32

Lawyer representing Assange states that the whistleblower site's founder has not been charged with a

Google buys Widevine to extend full YouTube movie service
By New Statesman - 07 December 10:27

New acquisition is expected to provide copy protection and security for streaming movies

AOL to merge content division with Yahoo: Reuters
By New Statesman - 07 December 10:21

US media and entertainment company's plans are reportedly in an early stage

Facebook revamps profile page to add more details, photos
By New Statesman - 06 December 12:24

New look to roll out over next few months and will not alter Facebook users' privacy settings

China politburo member oversaw hacking attack on Google
By New Statesman - 06 December 12:13

WikiLeaks cables reveal Zhou Yongkang coordinated hacking which led to Google's pullout from China

Global online ad spend to overtake newspapers by 2013
By New Statesman - 06 December 11:18

TV and video advertising will continue to dominate ad budgets. reports pre-tax loss in 2009
By New Statesman - 06 December 10:50

Internet radio service loses £2.8m down from £17m in 2008

Paywall has improved business at Times, says digital chief
By New Statesman - 06 December 10:11

Earlier reports stated that the newspaper managed to convert only 14 per cent of its web readers int

Google to censor piracy terms from auto search feature
By New Statesman - 06 December 10:06

Google general counsel Kent Walker: "As the web has grown, so has the number of bad apple websites w

Checking social networks is the new bedtime ritual in Britain
By New Statesman - 06 December 10:01

The online habit has replaced the habit of reading a book

Exclusive WikiLeaks search engine launched
By New Statesman - 06 December 9:55

Search engine lets users search the files by word, source, security classification and date

Internet companies ask Vaizey for commitment on net neutrality
By New Statesman - 03 December 12:22

Skype and Yahoo among the groups petitioning the culture secretary.

New Twitter search engine to help managers gauge market talk about their brands
By New Statesman - 03 December 12:15

Service will provide analytics tracking Twitter users' conversations