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Women write just a quarter of accredited stories in our national newspapers
By Bithia Large - 09 August 10:44

Bithia Large studied the number of women writing for eight different newspapers in 2013 and found some depressing results.

Bebo to relaunch with fewer pics of crudely-drawn penises
By Alex Hern - 08 August 15:54

Did AOL balls it up for good?

Would the Daily Mail website fall foul of the online porn filters it has championed?
By Alex Hern - 22 July 11:20

Ban this sick filth. No, not THIS sick filth, obviously.

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Urban novelties: How Bristol itself became a short story
By Sarah Ditum - 08 May 10:09

<em>These Pages Fall Like Ash</em> turned a city into a fantasy novel, making Sarah Ditum see her home with new eyes.

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"Instagram act" under fire for treatment of copyrighted works
By Alex Hern - 29 April 14:43

Is the Government handing your photos to media giants?

New Statesman
Announcing the New Statesman Centenary Issue
By Charlotte Simmonds - 05 April 12:04

We celebrate 100 years with the largest single issue of the magazine in its history.

Feminists: beware ‘the decoy effect’
By Dalia Ben-Galim - 31 March 11:55

The success of a few outlying women does not mean that the struggle is over.

Illustration by Julien Picaud.
Generation X-rated owns the net: can politicians stop children watching porn?
By Rafael Behr - 21 March 8:30

Never has it been so easy for young children to watch violent pornography. Can politicians who grew up in the analogue age do anything about it?

The big question that the generation raised on porn must answer
By Rhiannon and Holly - 11 March 11:50

Porn often shows a submissive woman, stripped of all of her body hair, undergoing ritual humiliation in the name of sexuality, and twentysomethings must ask whether that has wider implications about how our peers view us socially, politically and professi

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So what’s the deal with this Gizoogle shizzle?
By Aisha Gani - 07 March 14:10

I learnt that coffee can be translated as “fruity ass malt liquor”, for one thing.

Arianna Huffington heads to court over allegations that she stole the idea for the HuffPo
By Alex Hern - 15 February 14:47

Huffington Post: "there is no merit to these allegations"

Mark Kermode: The next generation of film critics will come from the internet
By Bim Adewunmi - 14 February 15:13

We sent Bim to Cuddle her Favourite Critic.

Leader: Time’s up for Assange
By New Statesman - 07 February 9:25

He should leave the Ecuadorean embassy without delay.

What it's like to be a victim of Don't Start Me Off's internet hate mob
By Cath Elliott - 27 January 11:42

DSMO, the website that abused Mary Beard, did far more than host threads dedicated to obscenity and offence. Its users took delight in bullying and harrassing their victims.

The Twitter logo
Misogyny, intimidation, silencing – the realities of online bullying
By Jane Fae - 22 January 8:08

The aggregated effect of floods of negative comments online can be enough to put opinionated women off appearing in public.

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'Bucket List' blogger Alice Pyne dies aged 17
By Catriona Harvey-Jenner - 14 January 15:02

The courageous teen passes away after a battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Dys4ia, the game.
Game Theory: talking videogames at the New York Times
By Helen Lewis - 31 December 12:44

Games as ballet, a playwright on the medium, and (sorry) me talking about ladies, again.

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Birdwatchers are angry about the fake "eagle v baby" video
By Alex Hern - 19 December 15:22

"Damaging mythology re: raptors"

Instagram's ToS
Instagram backs down, won't use photos in adverts
By Alex Hern - 19 December 8:53

Despite legal language used, "we do not have plans for this" says Kevin Systrom.

Literally unbelievable video of golden eagle snatching baby is literally unbelievable
By Alex Hern - 19 December 7:19

Via basically everyone, this video is unbelievable. A golden eagle tries – and fails, thank god – to fly away with somebody's baby:

Invasion of the cyber hustlers
By Steven Poole - 06 December 6:31

From Jeff Jarvis to Clay Shirky, a class of gurus are intent on "disrupting" old-fashioned practices like asking us to pay for valuable content. Meanwhile, web giants like Google and Apple jealously guard their profitable secrets.

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Filing from the warzone - the dangers of conflict reporting
By Kamila Kocialkowska - 03 December 16:51

Conflict reporting has always been the most dangerous branch of journalism - but in the changing political landscape of recent years, has it become even more so?

New Statesman
One reason why there's so few women in games. And another. And another…
By Alex Hern - 27 November 15:56

The video games industry is not the friendliest of places for women.

The mob during a revolutionary uprising against the Habsburg Austrian Empire
Social media in perspective
By David Allen Green - 22 November 12:30

Why there are grounds for optimism.

A man holds a poster with a picture of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange
Laurie Penny: Facebook and Google know that we value conformity more than privacy
By Laurie Penny - 22 November 6:41

Julian Assange's new book "Cypherpunks" has failed to understand something fundamental about the internet.

Sally Bercow's former twitter page.
Sally Bercow aptly demonstrates that media laws are designed for a different century
By Alex Hern - 20 November 13:44

"Don't break this law which we can't tell you."

Sally Bercow
Sally Bercow departs from Twitter after second gaffe
By Caroline Crampton - 20 November 10:05

The Speaker's wife appears to have deleted her account.