US will not air climate change episode of Frozen Planet
By Samira Shackle - 17 November 13:38

BBC defends decision to give world TV channels the option of dropping the final episode of David Att

BSkyB reports 33 per cent profit boost
By Mike Bonnet - 19 October 17:56

Satellite broadcaster reports strong growth in first quarter profits.

PBS enlists Channel 4 in advance of its UK launch
By Mike Bonnet - 17 October 18:26

Channel 4 appointed to manage advertising for American broadcaster's British début

The end of BBC long-wave
By Sella Oneko - 11 October 12:18

Radio 4's long-wave transmission will soon be history.

BBC: Less panel shows and music; more repeats
By Jenny Greenwell - 10 October 17:18

BBC to axe 2000 jobs by 2014.

US network PBS to lunch in Britain
By James Maxwell - 10 October 16:28

The American current affairs network is going to compete with the BBC for the public service market.

7m watch Mirror Pride of Britain awards
By Press Gazette - 07 October 14:15

Unsung heroes get more attention than film and music awards.

ITV blames 'human error' for using video game footage
By Sella Oneko - 28 September 19:00

ITV's Exposure uses wrong IRA video

Mark Thompson launches defence of the PCC
By Press Gazette - 26 September 12:23

The director general of the BBC speaks out in defence of the current system of press regulation.

Eye-witness backs up NUJ account of EDL attacks
By Press Gazette - 07 September 13:41

Journalist present at EDL march backs up accounts of violence.

Political sketch: committee round two and beyond
By Peter McHugh - 07 September 13:00

Four dull, suited men take to the stage; eyes now turn to Leveson.

Matt Frei: Why I left the BBC
By Press Gazette - 06 September 12:06

Washington correspondent Matt Frei ends his two decade career with the BBC.

Cameron 'backs plans to allow cameras in court'
By Press Gazette - 06 September 11:53

Government considers proposals to allow filming of court rooms.

Wince along with Ortis Deley
By Steven Baxter - 31 August 19:34

But Channel 4's problems aren't down to just one man.

Sunday Times reporter 'lucky' to survive Tripoli shooting
By Press Gazette - 31 August 11:47

War correspondent Miles Amoore survived a bullet to the head in Tripoli.

ITV and Mediaset discuss buying Big Brother producer Endemol
By Abigail Lewis - 30 August 14:59

Endemol’s debt could be restructured by the joint venture, which would ease ITV’s struggle for overs

Law change proposed to stop Murdoch bidding for BSkyB
By Abigail Lewis - 30 August 14:07

Labour expresses worry that News Corp may renew its bid.

Political sketch: Sky News is the only winner in this war
By Peter McHugh - 26 August 15:18

The news isn't sticking to the timetable, and it's ruining everyone's fun.

UK media receives more state aid than France and Italy
By Press Gazette - 24 August 12:20

The UK Press has one of the highest levels of public funding in Europe.

Sky News' Alex Crawford: "I'm most worried about failure"
By Press Gazette - 23 August 11:31

This is an edited version of an interview Alex Crawford gave to Press Gazette in April.

Guido Fawkes urges bloggers not to give HuffPo free ride
By Press Gazette - 19 August 13:21

Blogger Paul Staines has launched a campaign urging bloggers not to give their work away free on the

Leeds FC bans BBC journalists
By Press Gazette - 10 August 13:26

Club dissatisfied with the production of a probing documentary.

65 potentials sites for local TV across UK named
By Press Gazette - 09 August 16:33

The government has identified 65 towns and cities across the UK which could host new local TV statio

Natasha Kaplinsky joins ITV News
By Press Gazette - 04 August 14:15

After a maternity break, Natasha Kaplinsky is set to join ITV News in mid-September.

Here's watching you, Big Brother
By Steven Baxter - 02 August 18:30

Despite the tabloid sleaze-fest, will the reality TV show survive its move to Channel 5?

Journalists' strike fails to stop BBC redundancies plan
By Press Gazette - 02 August 13:28

Despite another NUJ walkout, the BBC will still proceed with job cuts.

Plans for national Local TV network dropped
By Press Gazette - 20 July 11:54

Hunt scraps single network channel in favour of more localised media.

Council takes on press with 'For the Record' site
By Press Gazette - 13 July 12:38

Press scrutiny spreads yet further as Medway Council sets up a new media monitoring website.

BSkyB bid referred to Competition Commission
By Press Gazette - 12 July 14:13

BSkyB bid now referred to the Competition Commission in the next phase of News Corporation's propose

Murdoch could have “media power unheard of in British history”
By Joan Bakewell - 11 July 1:00

As the News Corporation takeover of BSkyB hangs in the balance, Joan Bakewell grills Mark Thompson,