TiVo will return to UK market later this year
By New Statesman - 12 March 13:03

TiVo DVR (digital video recorder) will return to the UK market later this year in partnership with V

Tories promise 100Mbps broadband in technology manifesto
By New Statesman - 12 March 13:00

The Tories have launched their technology manifesto, promising that they will provide broadband spee

Virgin Media plans use of telegraph poles for Net infrastructure in rural areas
By New Statesman - 12 March 12:54

Virgin Media is trialling the usage of telegraph poles in Woolhampton, Berkshire, to spread its inte

BBC refuses Gordon Brown as guest
By New Statesman - 11 March 12:45

The BBC has turned down the Downing Street request to feature the prime minister on Match of the Day

No Sky agenda behind Tories' media policy, says Ed Vaizey
By New Statesman - 11 March 12:42

The Shadow culture minister has denied the influence of News Corporation on Tory media policy.

Sir Bob Geldof wants BBC executives sacked
By New Statesman - 11 March 12:39

Geldof criticises BBC for suggesting Band Aid funds had been diverted to rebel forces.

Australian media? Welcome to the first murdochracy
By John Pilger - 11 March 7:08

Rupert Murdoch's overweening power goes unchallenged in Australia, allowing his publications to skew the present and whitewash a bloody past.

Sir Michael Lyons accuses Sky of misrepresentation
By New Statesman - 10 March 12:06

Accusations that Sky is seeking to benefit from uncertainties over future of BBC.

NPA urges BBC Trust to review BBC mobile apps
By New Statesman - 10 March 12:01

The Newspapers Publishers Association has responded to the BBC Trust's plans.

ITV drops Blue Murder after five series
By New Statesman - 10 March 11:58

ITV1 has dropped the crime drama Blue Murder starring Caroline Quentin and Ian Kelsey after five ser

BBC colour TV licence fee to increase to £145.50
By New Statesman - 10 March 11:57

The change will come into effect from 1 April.

Alastair Stewart to chair first live TV debate between party leaders
By New Statesman - 09 March 11:16

The BBC, Sky News and ITV finalise list of presenters to chair the first live TV debates between par

BT pushes Ofcom to open up Virgin Media’s cable ducts
By New Statesman - 09 March 11:15

British Telecom (BT) in talks with Ofcom to make Virgin Media (VM) open access to its broadband cabl

BBC entertainment production to get new boss
By New Statesman - 09 March 11:13

Katie Taylor to replace Jon Beazley as head of BBC entertainment and events this spring.

BBC radio will move many shows out of London
By New Statesman - 09 March 11:11

BBC radio to move popular shows out of London in effort to strengthen production in other regions of

Ofcom censures BBC after 'Saturday Kitchen Live' chef swears
By New Statesman - 09 March 11:10

The UK's communications regulator Ofcom censures BBC after a chef swore when he spoilt an omelette.

Lib Dem MP was paid to appear on "Tower Block of Commons"
By New Statesman - 08 March 12:14

A Liberal Democrat MP, who was shown as living on benefits, was actually paid to appear on the TV sh

Tories to rein in Thompson's powers
By New Statesman - 08 March 12:11

An incoming Conservative government is likely to appoint an executive chairman for the BBC.

BBC stands by its Ethiopia report
By New Statesman - 08 March 12:08

The BBC has defended its Ethiopia famine funds report, despite denials from charities involved in th

Study finds men outnumber women on TV
By New Statesman - 08 March 12:05

Women are a distinct minority on television, according to new research commissioned by Channel 4.

ITV journalist loses age discrimination tribunal claim
By Suffolk Press Agency - 08 March 11:57

An Essex journalist who said she lost her job because TV bosses wanted younger faces to present news

BBC's Tim Davie: real sadness about 6 Music, but it has to go
By Meenal Vamburkar - 05 March 17:00

BBC's Director of Audio and Music, Tim Davie, said he, too, is passionate about 6 Music.

Penny Smith exits GMTV and special correspondent role for Stapleton
By Dominic Ponsford - 05 March 11:09

Penny Smith has been "axed" from GMTV and fellow news anchor John Stapleton is to take on a special

Stage set for Coronation Street Abridged Live!
By New Statesman - 05 March 11:06

The entire 50-year history of the ITV show Coronation Street (Corrie) will be packed into a new stag

BBC records 300 staff disciplinary cases
By New Statesman - 05 March 11:00

The BBC has recorded about 300 official staff disciplinary cases over the past four years.

TiVo to launch on Virgin Media
By New Statesman - 05 March 10:57

The American digital video recorder company TiVo has entered into a partnership with Virgin Media to

BBC Worldwide acquires the remaining stake in 2entertain
By New Statesman - 05 March 10:54

BBC Worldwide has acquired the remaining 40 per cent stake in DVD distributor 2entertain, which prod

ITV acquires rights for IPL
By New Statesman - 05 March 10:48

ITV has acquired the rights to broadcast the 45-day long Indian Premier League (IPL) that begins on

NUJ: "We cannot stand by and watch BBC sacrificed to satisfy Rupert Murdoch"
By Dominic Ponsford - 04 March 11:26

General Secretary claims "self-harming approach will only encourage commercial media operations to d

Female broadcast journalist, over 50, under valued? Move to China
By Dominic Ponsford - 04 March 11:11

Former BBC broadcast journalist Susan Osman has found a new job as a breakfast news presenter in Chi