STV sells Pearl & Dean
By New Statesman - 22 April 12:55

The broadcaster has sold its cinema advertising business, Pearl & Dean, to Image Limited for £1.

Cadbury's marketing director to quit
By New Statesman - 22 April 12:51

Phil Rumbol, the man behind the famous Gorilla advertisement, is planning to leave the company in Ju

ASA clears DCSF ads
By New Statesman - 22 April 12:45

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has cleared two government TV advertisements that encourag

STV to launch HD service before World Cup
By New Statesman - 22 April 12:43

The Scottish broadcaster has set out plans to launch a high-definition service in time for South Afr

Top Gear gets US spin-off
By New Statesman - 22 April 12:39

A US version of the BBC Two's motoring show will launch later this year.

Channel Four and Five to air volcano documentaries
By New Statesman - 21 April 11:58

Broadcasters will examine the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland which sent a cloud of

UK viewers may miss out on 3D World Cup
By New Statesman - 21 April 11:49

No broadcaster has committed to show the event in 3D, reports the Independent.

'Doctor Who' becomes BBC America's most-watched programme ever
By New Statesman - 21 April 11:45

The premiere of the "Doctor Who" reboot on Saturday drew 1.2 million viewers, a viewership record fo

Samsung to launch new 3D TV ad campaign
By New Statesman - 21 April 11:36

Samsung will launch a new ad campaign for its 3D TVs in the during the Champion's League semi-final

Senior ESPN vice-president and managing director announces departure
By New Statesman - 21 April 11:28

Lynne Frank says she will quit the sports broadcaster for personal reasons.

Queen to honour Premier League with enterprise award
By New Statesman - 21 April 11:24

Premier League will receive the "Queen's Award for Enterprise" for successfully selling English foot

Three BBC executives spend £12,650 in cab fares
By New Statesman - 21 April 11:19

The three collectively claimed £173,527 in expenses over a three month period, according to figures

Gilbey on Film: election special
By Ryan Gilbey - 20 April 14:26

Our critic's verdict on the party political broadcasts.

ITV to charge £250,000 for ads during Britain's Got Talent
By New Statesman - 20 April 9:57

ITV will charge £250,000 for 30-second advertising slots during Britain's Got Talent, according to T

ITV to screen National Movie Awards 2010
By New Statesman - 20 April 9:56

ITV has confirmed that it will broadcast the National Movie Awards 2010 live in late May.

Tony Blair puts bet on Cameron in spoof ad for Ladbrokes
By New Statesman - 20 April 9:55

A lookalike of Tony Blair is shown placing a hefty bet on David Cameron to win the election in a spo

Chiles quits BBC to join ITV
By New Statesman - 20 April 9:53

Adrian Chiles, the host of The One Show and other BBC programmes, has quit the corporation to join I

Ofcom will not appoint band manager until 2012
By New Statesman - 20 April 9:48

Ofcom, which was supposed to appoint a band manager this spring, has announced that it will defer th

Tories change election broadcast to counteract Lib Dem threat
By New Statesman - 20 April 9:45

Nick Clegg's performance at the prime ministerial debate appears to have forced a rethink among Tory

Glee clinches best comedy series at GLAAD media awards
By New Statesman - 19 April 13:04

The US musical TV series, Glee, has been named the best comedy series at the 21st Annual GLAAD Media

Jungle Book to air on British TV
By New Statesman - 19 April 13:01

The BBC has signed a deal to buy 52 short episodes of the animated series Jungle Book, reports the F

UK radio programmes affected as presenters get stranded abroad
By New Statesman - 19 April 12:59

UK radio programmes are being hit by the volcanic ash crisis, as some presenters are stranded outsid

Doctor Who fans furious over changing theme tune
By New Statesman - 19 April 12:56

Doctor Who fans are furious over the changing of its legendary theme tune, reports the Telegraph.

UK advertisers increase advertising budgets, says report
By New Statesman - 19 April 12:54

A survey has revealed that a majority of UK advertisers have increased their advertising budgets for

ITV offers £1m contract to Chiles
By New Statesman - 19 April 12:49

ITITV has offered a £1m deal to Adrian Chiles to host a breakfast show on its GMTV and also lead its

Asians less likely to vote, says BBC Asian Network poll
By New Statesman - 19 April 12:46

Findings from a poll conducted by the BBC Asian Network shows that majority of Asians are less likel

SNP and Plaid to appeal over BBC's exclusion from debates
By New Statesman - 19 April 12:45

The Scottish National Party (SNP) and Welsh nationalists Plaid Cymru plan to appeal against the BBC'

Metro to promote ITV1's HD channel
By New Statesman - 19 April 12:39

Metro, the UK's national freesheet, is partnering with ITV to promote the broadcaster's HD Channel.

Ofcom's move will undermine football, says Premier League chief
By New Statesman - 16 April 12:20

Chief executive Richard Scudamore has confirmed the sports body will challenge Ofcom's ruling on Sky

Ex-BBC Wales boss calls for radical shakeup of S4C
By New Statesman - 16 April 11:59

Geraint Talfan Davies, former controller of BBC Wales, has called for a radical shakeup of S4C and t