Met police statement contradicted by video
By Alex Hern - 08 July 13:31

Does it look like a cyclist "fell off" his bike?

15 of 36 jobs face axe at ITV London tonight
By Press Gazette - 06 July 10:15

Restructuring places 15 jobs on the line

Fathers4Justice ad banned
By Joe Derry-Malone - 04 July 11:58

ASA remove campaign group's "Mother's Day" advert.

TV and press ad revenues predicted to fall by more than £350m
By Joe Derry-Malone - 03 July 11:57

Traditional media face revenue fall.

New Statesman
Piers Morgan's CNN show receives lowest ratings in 21 years
By Helen Robb - 29 June 12:55

Loss of target audience despite prime time slot.

BBC's Olympic rights threatened by TV deal
By Joe Derry-Malone - 27 June 13:37

BBC dominance under threat

Guardian Media Group offloads radio networks to Global
By Helen Robb - 26 June 11:18

Global Radio buys stations for £70m.

BBC's Arab Spring coverage was "sporadic"
By Press Gazette - 26 June 11:08

Kofi Annan's former Director of Communications criticises reporting.

PA challenge allows reporting of divorce 'house arrest'
By PA Media Lawyer - 25 June 12:08

The Press Association have gained access to a case of "house arrest" within a two year divorce trial.

History is the enemy when Washington's “brilliant” psy-ops become the news
By John Pilger - 20 June 10:04

From Agent Orange in South Vietnam to Obama’s drone attacks in Afghanistan and war in Syria, Washington spins its assaults on the world as it cynically lives up to a reputation for casual slaughter.

The view through the gate at Broadcasting House in London
BBC plans will hijack and homogenise local radio
By Nichi Hodgson - 19 June 8:36

Shutting down LGBT, Irish and Jewish community radio programmes in Manchester won't even save any money.

A general view of the BBC Television Centre.
Why the next BBC boss must be non-political
By Richard Morris - 08 June 17:39

The BBC needs a visionary director general, not a political placeman.

Jon Stewart mocks the Jubilee pageant
Jon Stewart mocks the Jubilee pomp
By Helen Lewis - 05 June 12:18

Would a British comedian have been allowed to do this?

Laurie Penny on Game of Thrones and the Good Ruler complex
By Laurie Penny - 04 June 9:49

There are many problems with this series, but subtlety isn’t one of them.

A flotilla of different vessels sails on the River Thames
The BBC must not act as the palace’s cheerleader-in-chief
By Graham Smith - 30 May 13:30

Our state broadcaster is not balanced on this issue, says the chief executive of Republic

New Statesman
How Newsnight humiliated single mother Shanene Thorpe
By Samira Shackle - 29 May 17:47

Young mother asks for an apology after being misrepresented as "benefit scrounger".

Craig Oliver attends a press conference, July 2011.
Video: No 10 communications chief rebukes BBC reporter
By Samira Shackle - 28 May 16:53

Craig Oliver gives Norman Smith a dressing down about Jeremy Hunt and BBC bias.

BBC journalist Will Walden joins Boris as PR chief
BBC journalist Will Walden joins Boris as PR chief
By Andrew Pugh - 28 May 10:44

Walden replaces Guto Harri at City Hall.

New Statesman
Jeremy Hunt: how much longer can the government hold out?
By Samira Shackle - 25 May 9:04

Hunt wrote to Cameron expressing his support for the BSkyB bid, a month before taking control of the

No charges for BSkyB in new Competition Commission decision
No charges for BSkyB in new Competition Commission decision
By Harriet Williams - 23 May 13:06

Netflix and LoveFilm weaken the monopoly.

Jeremy Hunt to be investigated over donations
By Samira Shackle - 21 May 15:33

Culture Secretary accused of failing to declare donations from media companies while in opposition.

New Statesman
Police speak to Sky News over Ched Evans rape tweet
By Press Gazette - 18 May 15:10

The broadcaster investigated after inadvertently publishing name of raped teenager.

Broadcasters' legal victory over Dale Farm footage grab
Broadcasters' legal victory over Dale Farm footage grab
By Andrew Pugh - 17 May 10:48

Court order to hand over unbroadcast footage overturned.

Broadcasters hail 'historic' cameras in court reform
Broadcasters hail 'historic' cameras in court reform
By Press Gazette - 10 May 10:55

Queen's Speech promises historic reform.

Sky News Arabia goes live with 400 journalists
Sky News Arabia goes live with 400 journalists
By Press Gazette - 08 May 11:12

BSkyB and Abu Dhabi Media join to create the first regional news channel.

Al-Jazeera Beijing bureau closed after reporter removed
Al-Jazeera Beijing bureau closed after reporter removed
By Harriet Williams - 08 May 10:39

Chinese authorities expel journalist after a five year stint.

New Statesman
Could News Corp lose its Fox TV licences?
By George Eaton - 02 May 17:31

Murdoch's US interests are coming under greater scrutiny.

New Statesman
BBC expects £140m operating surplus
By Emily Wight - 01 May 12:16

The broadcaster is awaiting a busy summer of coverage.

New Statesman
NUJ strike ballot opens over BBC 1% pay offer
By Andrew Pugh - 01 May 11:33

Jubilee coverage could be disrupted by strikes.