George Entwistle: a decent man out of his depth
By Peter McHugh - 23 October 15:31

The director general of the BBC failed to convince MPs that he was not guilty of wilful blindness.

People walk near the entrance to BBC Broadcasting House.
Peter Rippon is unlikely to be the only BBC casualty of the Savile scandal
By Peter McHugh - 22 October 15:47

The question director general George Entwistle must answer is why he still ran the Savile eulogy.

Could the anti-BBC witch hunt over Jimmy Savile be payback for the Leveson Inquiry?
By Steven Baxter - 17 October 12:32

The BBC has serious questions to answer, but there were other institutions that allowed Jimmy Savile to commit his atrocities, too.

Nick Robinson: "I don't have many [political] views left"
By Caroline Crampton - 13 October 10:33

The BBC's political editor tackles questions of impartiality and bias.

Colbert knows I'm miserable now
By Alex Hern - 11 October 16:13

Stephen Colbert interviews Morrissey.

The culture that permitted Savile's abuses goes far beyond the BBC
By Deborah Orr - 09 October 10:12

Look at the crimes that were committed by one man under cover of a dangerously misogynistic permissiveness, and wake up to the fact that this is exactly what all those tedious feminists mean when they talk of “rape culture”, says Deborah Orr.

Cartoon: Bluelou on Jimmy Savile and the BBC
By New Statesman - 05 October 19:22

The cartoonist's take on the scandal over the late BBC presenter.

Kay Burley live on Sky News during the search for April Jones
Kay Burley's insensitivity over April Jones wasn't just her fault
By Steven Baxter - 05 October 15:42

The Sky News presenter’s style lacks compassion, but the feeding frenzy 24-hour news produces is also to blame.

The pro-coalition bias in the BBC's coverage of the NHS reforms
By Jamie Mackay - 03 October 8:26

Research shows that the BBC failed to report the objections to the legislation found in other media outlets.

Comedy writer Armando Iannucci.
Quote of the day
By New Statesman - 11 September 7:17

Armando Iannucci on the BBC and money.

Daily Show mocks Democrats' idolisation of "mythical" Obama
By Alex Hern - 06 September 13:08

"It’s frankly only natural that Democrats would counter with their own mythical Obama — still invisible, but this time sitting on a significantly different chair."

Jon Stewart.
Daily Show mocks Democrats' idolisation of "mythical" Obama
By Alex Hern - 06 September 13:07

"It’s frankly only natural that Democrats would counter with their own mythical Obama — still invisible, but this time sitting on a significantly different chair."

Anders Breivik arriving in the courtroom in May
The grotesque manipulations of Anders Breivik
By sne Seierstad - 23 August 8:25

Åsne Seierstad questions a system that gives Anders Breivik publicity.

Local TV won't catch on
By Dominic Ponsford - 20 August 16:10

Local enthusiasm about new TV franchises is not shared.

BBC Scotland denies pro-SNP bias
By Emma Geen - 10 August 17:09

Broadcaster denies claims that Newsnight Scotland is biased towards the Scottish National Party.

Rupert Murdoch claims to be unfazed by the losses
News Corporation reports large losses
By Emma Geen - 09 August 17:58

Phone-hacking scandal reported to be responible for the losses in News Corp quarterly results.

Clare Balding, highlighter in hand
In praise of Clare Balding and her highlighter pen
By Caroline Crampton - 02 August 15:07

Her talent for combining really nerdy detail with great empathy is irresistible.

New Statesman
Doctor Who: Watch the new trailer here
By Alex Hern - 02 August 7:30

Amy, Rory, River and the Doctor return in the autumn

New Statesman
Channel 4 News deputy ed to leave ITN after 14 years
By Andrew Pugh - 01 August 16:17

Martin Fewell's exit comes just a month after the former editor's.

Watch: The Daily Show's Jon Stewart on Mitt Romney's visit to London
By New Statesman - 31 July 15:38

"Sometimes we Americans can be so arrogant, not understanding how we might appear to an global audience."

NBC cuts London bombings tribute because it is "not tailored to a US audience"
By Alex Hern - 30 July 9:23

Network airs interview with Michael Phelps instead

BBC Radio 4
Is Radio 4 too middle class?
By Steven Baxter - 26 July 16:22

The station's voices are most likely to be drawn from selective and private schools, white, middle aged and male. Does that matter, though?

Presenter Stacey Dooley
The BBC3 documentary that broke all the rules on reporting suicide
By Chris Atkins - 24 July 17:05

Stacey Dooley's programme was ill-judged and offensive, says Chris Atkins.

BBC Television Centre in London.
BBC Television Centre: the fairness was what made the magic
By Alan White - 16 July 15:11

At BBC TV Centre everyone was equal - equally lost, that is.

The front page of the new
Microsoft exits
By Alex Hern - 16 July 8:11

The last of the new/old media team-ups ends

George Entwistle was named incoming Director-General of the BBC on 4th July. Pho
Almost 70 people applied for top BBC job
By Press Gazette - 12 July 17:36

Minutes show 69 applicants for BBC director-general position.

BBC World Service airs final broadcast from Bush House
By Press Gazette - 12 July 17:30

Broadcaster moves to new newsroom.

David Mitchell
Why can't British people talk to celebrities?
By Alan White - 09 July 17:13

Experiencing extreme social awkwardness on meeting a minor celebrity seems to be a peculiarly British talent.

A police officer causes a cyclist to fall from his bike.
Why are the BBC acting as stenographers for the police?
By Alex Hern - 09 July 10:38

They shouldn't type up official statements.