The incestuous vortex of cross-promotion
By Steven Baxter - 17 February 13:00

OK! TV is the latest addition to the bewildering circle-jerk that is Richard Desmond’s media empire.

Archbishop of York protests against cuts to BBC World Service
By Susannah Butter - 17 February 12:42

Dr. John Sentamu has voiced concern that cuts will damage this valuable service.

CBS journalist in hospital after Tahrir Square attack
By James Preston - 16 February 11:59

Foreign affairs correspondent suffered "brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating."

Teacher at Mosque arrested following Channel 4 documentary
By Susannah Butter - 15 February 12:02

Documentary criticised as being "fodder" for EDL.

Travellers criticise 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'
By Susannah Butter - 15 February 11:30

Misleading portrayal of gypsy life in the Channel 4 series is damaging, says traveller community.

Keys and Gray hit the airwaves
By Steven Baxter - 14 February 17:20

The former Sky duo, sacked after making sexist remarks, have made their debut on TalkSport. But did

Joy of Teen Sex is a "shocking let-down"
By Susannah Butter - 14 February 15:48

Health and education professionals complain that Channel 4's show prioritises viewing figures over r

Former Reuters Director joins Sky News Arabia
By Oliver Luft - 14 February 15:00

Nart Bouran, the former Director of Television for Reuters, is appointed news director for Sky News

Former Question Time producer criticises plans to move the show
By Susannah Butter - 11 February 11:22

BBC's "admirable (if expensive)" plan to boost production outside London "risks making an important

Iran accused of blocking BBC Egyptian coverage
By Oliver Luft - 11 February 11:09

BBC has claimed its Persian channel is being jammed within Iran.

BBC bans the term “reform” when discussing AV
By Susannah Butter - 09 February 14:48

The term is “too positive” to be used when referring to the AV vote – but not when describing Camero

Rajar audience figures: by radio station
By Victoria Mitchell - 03 February 15:54

Latest data shows over 90 per cent of UK population listen to radio every week.

Jeremy Paxman: lovable grump or cantankerous luddite?
By Steven Baxter - 03 February 10:33

The <em>Newsnight</em> host can’t hold his tongue – and we love him for it.

Television income causes 150 per cent rise in News Corp profits
By Oliver Luft - 03 February 10:31

News Corp has recorded a 150 per cent rise in profits for the final three months of 2010.

BBC Radio 5 Live adds one million listeners
By Dominic Ponsford - 03 February 10:22

Boost in BBC radio listeners.

Leaked Labour email: lay off Murdoch
By Dan Hodges - 02 February 11:07

Opposition leader attempts to turn down the heat on the phone-hacking scandal.

The happening place
By Steven Baxter - 01 February 9:50

“I’m standing here, outside a building, where something is going on. Or not.”

Watch: Paxman drops the C-bomb
By George Eaton - 01 February 8:39

<em>Newsnight</em> presenter becomes the latest BBC figure to utter the “C-word” live on air.

Egypt closes Al-Jazeera press bureau
By Press Gazette - 31 January 11:26

Egypt has withdrawn the licence to broadcast of rolling news channel Al-Jazeera and shut down its Ca

Murdoch eyes the prize as BSkyB profits soar
By George Eaton - 27 January 18:14

BSkyB profits up 26 per cent as Murdoch remains in London to negotiate with Culture Secretary.

Do me a favour, love: sexism at Sky Sports
By ewangravesen615 - 26 January 12:05

An insider lifts the lid on boorishness and misogyny at Sky Sports.

News Corp claims judicial review of BSkyB deal is possible
By Oliver Luft - 26 January 11:13

Ofcom's report into the BSkyB deal has been described as "flawed" by News Corp, which says it retain

Heavy cuts at BBC World Service
By PA Mediapoint - 26 January 11:03

650 jobs 'at risk' in heavy cuts at BBC World Service.

Culture Secretary delays referral to Competition Commission
By Oliver Luft - 25 January 12:03

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced today that he was giving News Corp more time to address conc

Radio presenter granted right to appeal High Court ruling
By Oliver Luft - 24 January 15:30

TalkSport presenter Jon Gaunt wins right to appeal 'Nazi' jibe ruling.

BBC budget cuts mean loss of 360 online jobs
By Oliver Luft - 24 January 15:22

Cuts of 25 percent to the BBC's annual online budget mean 360 jobs will be lost.

Leaked Palestinian documents published by the Guardian and al-Jazeera
By Oliver Luft - 24 January 11:01

Reports published from more than 1,600 leaked confidential Palestinian documents.

Blair, the BBC and dictatorship
By Anthony Barnett - 22 January 10:43

The Iraq war was a catastrophe for the way the UK is governed.

Media vultures are homing in on private lives – but at what cost?
By Steven Baxter - 21 January 11:50

Coverage of the most recent developments in the Joanna Yeates case prompts the question: will the me

Campbell case has killed success fees
By Oliver Luft - 21 January 11:07

Naomi Campbell's court case, which ended with a ruling against the UK government, will end "no win,