ITV almost triples profits as ad revenue roars back
By Oliver Luft - 02 March 10:23

Strong recovery for ITV.

Showbiz agency expands with new London video unit
By Dominic Ponsford - 01 March 10:25

Splash News TV builds on success of its videon stream service.

ITV set to report that pre-tax profits tripled in 2010
By Susannah Butter - 28 February 11:27

The broadcaster has seen an increase in ad revenues, which are likely to rise in April, with the roy

Several BBC Breakfast team members not yet committed to move
By Victoria Mitchell - 24 February 12:04

Key BBC Breakfast team members are amongst those who have not agreed to Salford Quays move.

Lord Patten to take BBC role unchallenged
By James Preston - 22 February 13:11

Rumours suggested Eurosceptic Conservatives were opposed to the BBC Trust appointment.

Journalists descend on Libyan border
By James Preston - 22 February 11:43

International reporters wait for “floodgates to open.”

Elisabeth Murdoch to join News Corporation board
By James Preston - 22 February 10:55

Move follows News Corp's £415m buyout of Shine Television

Lord Patten set to head BBC Trust
By James Preston - 21 February 13:15

Former Conservative chairman set to replace Sir Michael Lyons at BBC's governing body.

Channel 4 plans spin-off series based on Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
By Susannah Butter - 21 February 12:23

Channel 4 commissioners are under pressure to find a show to fill the huge gap in scheduling left by

BBC investigates Real Hustle 'actors' claim
By James Preston - 21 February 12:16

Newspaper alleges actors were hired to impersonate unwitting members of the public on the BBC Three

Jeremy Hunt leads lobby against Lord Patten getting job of chair of BBC Trust
By Susannah Butter - 18 February 12:40

Patten is the current favourite but the Tory Right do not want a Europe enthusiast at the helm of th

World Cup games to remain free to view in the UK
By Victoria Mitchell - 17 February 13:31

A court ruling has determined that World Cup and European Championships are to remain free-to-watch.

Lords recommend less TV advertising
By James Preston - 17 February 13:20

Communications committee say changes would "improve the viewer experience."

The incestuous vortex of cross-promotion
By Steven Baxter - 17 February 13:00

OK! TV is the latest addition to the bewildering circle-jerk that is Richard Desmond’s media empire.

Archbishop of York protests against cuts to BBC World Service
By Susannah Butter - 17 February 12:42

Dr. John Sentamu has voiced concern that cuts will damage this valuable service.

CBS journalist in hospital after Tahrir Square attack
By James Preston - 16 February 11:59

Foreign affairs correspondent suffered "brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating."

Teacher at Mosque arrested following Channel 4 documentary
By Susannah Butter - 15 February 12:02

Documentary criticised as being "fodder" for EDL.

Travellers criticise 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'
By Susannah Butter - 15 February 11:30

Misleading portrayal of gypsy life in the Channel 4 series is damaging, says traveller community.

Keys and Gray hit the airwaves
By Steven Baxter - 14 February 17:20

The former Sky duo, sacked after making sexist remarks, have made their debut on TalkSport. But did

Joy of Teen Sex is a "shocking let-down"
By Susannah Butter - 14 February 15:48

Health and education professionals complain that Channel 4's show prioritises viewing figures over r

Former Reuters Director joins Sky News Arabia
By Oliver Luft - 14 February 15:00

Nart Bouran, the former Director of Television for Reuters, is appointed news director for Sky News

Former Question Time producer criticises plans to move the show
By Susannah Butter - 11 February 11:22

BBC's "admirable (if expensive)" plan to boost production outside London "risks making an important

Iran accused of blocking BBC Egyptian coverage
By Oliver Luft - 11 February 11:09

BBC has claimed its Persian channel is being jammed within Iran.

BBC bans the term “reform” when discussing AV
By Susannah Butter - 09 February 14:48

The term is “too positive” to be used when referring to the AV vote – but not when describing Camero

Rajar audience figures: by radio station
By Victoria Mitchell - 03 February 15:54

Latest data shows over 90 per cent of UK population listen to radio every week.

Jeremy Paxman: lovable grump or cantankerous luddite?
By Steven Baxter - 03 February 10:33

The <em>Newsnight</em> host can’t hold his tongue – and we love him for it.

Television income causes 150 per cent rise in News Corp profits
By Oliver Luft - 03 February 10:31

News Corp has recorded a 150 per cent rise in profits for the final three months of 2010.

BBC Radio 5 Live adds one million listeners
By Dominic Ponsford - 03 February 10:22

Boost in BBC radio listeners.

Leaked Labour email: lay off Murdoch
By Dan Hodges - 02 February 11:07

Opposition leader attempts to turn down the heat on the phone-hacking scandal.

The happening place
By Steven Baxter - 01 February 9:50

“I’m standing here, outside a building, where something is going on. Or not.”