Did About Time fake its Twitter reviews?

Sometimes it's really important to check for typos.

A tweet from Luke Whiston is doing the rounds, accusing poor Richard Curtis (by proxy) of faking reviews:

The advert in question, which appeared on page 4 of today's Telegraph, does indeed quote two accounts which have never tweeted anything about the film. Or, in fact, anything legible at all.

But never ascribe to malice what can be explained with incompetence. The About Time team have actually been very thorough at tracking down real audiences – who saw the film at the Edinburgh Festival – and asking them permission to put their praise on posters.

(And so on) So all it takes is a quick scroll down the film's full feed to find out where the problems came. Because while @tracyann28 might not have liked the film, @traceyann28 did:

And @sambradley tweets gibberish, but @sammbradley tweets lavish praise for Richard Curtis:

See! Richard doesn't have to make up fans. He's got plenty.

I'm a mole, innit.

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