August 2013: most read on

What you've been reading during yet another record month for the <em>NS</em> website.

In August, 1,840,886 of you viewed 3,766,630 pages over the course of the month - another record month for the NS website.

1. I hate Strong Female Characters by Sophia McDougall

2. We still don’t really know how bicycles work by Michael Brooks

3. Atheism is maturing, and it will leave Richard Dawkins behind by Martin Robbins

4. Learning how to live by Jenny Diski 

5. The Bot Wars: why you can never buy concert tickets online by Cal Flyn


Caroline Crampton is assistant editor of the New Statesman. She writes a weekly podcast column.

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Ian Leslie and Stewart Wood return for another episode of the Deep Dive. This time they're plunging into the murky world of election promises with Catherine Haddon, resident historian at the Institute of Government. Together they explore what an electoral mandate means, what a manifesto is for, and why we can't sue the government when they fail to keep their promises.

Plus: Rant or Rave? Find out which podcasts have had our hosts on tenterhooks.

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