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Is Facebook "plundering" the new phone-hacking?

Study suggests journalists use social networking sites for information.

A new study has raised questions over journalists' increasing reliance on social networks such as Facebook and compared the "plundering" of web pages to phone-hacking..

Glenda Cooper's study looked into the ethical implications of "plundering webpages without permission" and the subsequent decline of the "death knock".

"When a crime or a tragedy occurred in the (mythic) old days, as a hack to get your hands on that coveted photo album, to delve deep into a person's private life, to get that key detail to raise your story from the mundane to the compelling, it would involve some legwork on the ground (either from yourself, or if you worked for a rich enough paper, a substitute rookie or agency reporter) performing those journalistic rites of passage: the doorstep and the death knock," said Cooper.

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