Roger Mosey defends BBC's spending on Euro 2008 studio

BBC's Roger Mosey has defended the corporation's decision to spend £250,000 on a new studio in Vienn

Last week, BBC's spending on major sporting and music events was deeply criticised by the National Audit Office (NAO).

Mosey, who was the BBC's director of sport during the Euro 2008 tournament, reportedly said that NAO had singled out one pressure group for special criticism.

The NAO, which ensures that the public sector bodies are using taxpayers' money efficiently, also criticised the BBC for not bringing the total budgets spent by individual departments on covering major events together.

The taxpayers' Alliance group, which campaigns for better use of public funds, termed BBC's spending £250,000 on a studio as a 'whim'. Mosey reportedly reacted to this saying it has been their policy for more than a decade.

He also said that the BBC's Olympics 2008 Beijing coverage was hailed as one of the best sports coverage in recent memory by many license fee payers.