ITN launches a German celebrity channel on YouTube

Independent Television News (ITN) launched its German celebrity channel ‘Promi411’ on YouTube this w

The banner, pre-roll and rollover ads on the channel will be sold by Google, similar to the rest of ITN's YouTube channels. The revenue will be shared between ITN and Google.

ITN has six channels on YouTube which together attract 25 million views a month, and cover news, showbiz, music, books, video gaming and entertainment.

The new channel recorded that the German model Heidi Klum's unveiling of her wax model at Madame Tussauds museum in Berlin, was watched 10,000 times. But the London premiere of the Blur documentary 'No Distance Left to Run' managed fewer views. Actor Lee Mead's return to the West End, with a German voiceover, was viewed just 337 times.

ITN's commercial director, Mark Browning, said the channel was an example of ITN adapting an already successful product for a new territory. He said "ITN has the capability to create, localise and tailor our content to work in any market and on any platform".