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Watch: spider bombs BBC Scotland news
By Media Mole - 15 August 7:50

An apparently huge spider scuttled across the camera to catch its prey.

The Ireland team line-up ahead of the IRB Women's Rugby World Cup match against Kazakhstan on August 9, 2014 in Paris, France. Photo: Getty Images
“The most action I've got in weeks”: play cliché bingo with the Irish Indy on women's rugby
By Media Mole - 11 August 17:09

Advice to reporters: when sent to explain why the stereotypes about something are wrong, it’s best not to do your best to reinforce those stereotypes. 

Always has to be difficult, does our Will. Photo: Getty Images
Will Self to young people: "You should be patronised, you're teenagers"
By Media Mole - 11 August 14:11

Our columnist has little regard for the inexperienced and uninformed.

Boxing world’s support for Kellie Maloney – formerly Frank – shows how far we've come
By Media Mole - 11 August 12:41

Sports stars have offered their support to Kellie Maloney, who guided Lennox Lewis to the heavyweight title in 1993 when she was known as Frank.  

Are Kate and Will extremists? A swift Telegraph front-page update suggests not
By Media Mole - 08 August 8:30

The Telegraph has updated its front-page after an unfortunate Prince George-based headline/picture clash.

Times of Israel pulls “permissible genocide” blog
By Media Mole - 01 August 17:45

Not inflammatory at all. 

Why the Sun’s “boy with the devil mark” front page should make you uneasy
By Media Mole - 29 July 10:39

A child with a peculiarly-shaped mark on his body has been given national exposure by the Sun.

Jon Snow on the children of Gaza.
Jon Snow on the children of Gaza: “We share some responsibility for those deaths”
By Media Mole - 27 July 20:14

The Channel 4 presenter has recorded an emotional speech to camera following his reporting trip to Gaza, which has been under heavy bombardment from Israel. 

John Barrowman snogged a dude at the Commonwealth Games because that's how John Barrowman rolls
By Media Mole - 24 July 11:01

The Doctor Who actor John Barrowman kissed a guy in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Sky reporter Colin Brazier's apology for his MH17 error is a lesson in how to say sorry
By Media Mole - 22 July 12:10

Colin Brazier of Sky News was lambasted for picking through a MH17 crash victim's luggage on air; his apology is a moving reminder of just how unprecedented this disaster is.

Barmy BBC cuts: Panorama reporters go but "crap BBC Buzzfeed" stays
By Media Mole - 17 July 14:34

Outrage as 415 jobs are cut and Panorama loses key journalists.

Michael Gove. Photo: Getty
Michael Gove got stuck in the toilet on his first day as Chief Whip
By Media Mole - 17 July 13:06

The Shadow Leader of the Commons, Angela Eagle, revealed the former Education Secretary’s first day disaster.

"Hope I don't look too '80s cabin attendant'": Nick Clegg in Twitter joke triumph
By Media Mole - 16 July 12:33

Is this the best thing our Deputy Prime Minister's ever done?

New boys on the block: Your guide to the Kings of the Downing Street catwalk
By Media Mole - 16 July 11:22
  • William Hague wore a suit
  • Michael Gove wore a suit
  • Philip Hammond wore a suit
  • Daringly, Michael Fallon wore a suit
  • All the men wore suits
The Guardian confuses Vine with Jeremy Vine
By Media Mole - 16 July 9:11

The Guardian confuses the short-form video sharing service with the BBC Radio 2 presenter.

Portsmouth is awash with Hancocks
By Media Mole - 15 July 14:42

What it lacks in shipbuilding, it makes up for in Hancocks.

George Clooney. Photo: Getty
"The worst kind of tabloid": George Clooney rejects the Mail's apology
By Media Mole - 11 July 13:44

The actor has rejected the Daily Mail's apology for printing a false story about his fiancee's mother.

George Galloway. Photo: Getty
In the first half of 2014, MPs have earned £150,000 for journalism work
By Media Mole - 10 July 13:54

MPs have been paid nearly £150,000 in the first of half of this year for journalism work.

Actor George Clooney arrives for the red carpet of Omega Le Jardin Secret dinner party on May 16, 2014 in Shanghai, China. Photo: Getty Images
Clooney blasts Daily Mail for "dangerous" lies about his fiancée that "exploit religious differences"
By Media Mole - 09 July 11:32

The actor has rounded on the British tabloid for stirring up trouble with an unsourced allegation.

Robin Thicke. Photo: Getty
I know you don't want it: Robin Thicke's new album has sold 530 copies
By Media Mole - 08 July 12:48

Revenge for the nation's ears as the Blurred Lines singer's new offering sells terribly in the UK.

Alan Rusbridger. Photo: Getty
"Hung to his curves": Mail Online gives Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger the Sidebar of Shame treatment
By Media Mole - 07 July 16:49

The Mail surpasses itself by giving the Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger its signature figure-hugging treatment.

Ofsted. Photo: Flickr/Pete
Multimillionaire Tory donor in the running for next Ofsted chair
By Media Mole - 04 July 13:05

David Ross, the multimillionaire co-founder of Carphone Warehouse, is in the frame to succeed Sally Morgan as chair of the education watchdog.

Private Eye. Photo: Getty
The Department for Work and Pensions has an official subscription to Private Eye
By Media Mole - 04 July 12:33

A Freedom of Information request reveals which newspapers and magazines the DWP receives. The department must have a thick skin as one of these is Private Eye.

Watch: George Osborne dodges basic maths question from a 7-year-old on live TV
By Media Mole - 03 July 13:25

Watch the Chancellor bat away a times table question from a child in an interview on Sky.

US goalkeeper Tim Howard reacts during a Round of 16 football match between Belgium and USA at Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador during the 2014 FIFA World Cup on July 1, 2014. Photo: Getty Images
Hey Americans, Tim Howard's been sportsing for years
By Media Mole - 02 July 17:48

Bit late to the party, no?