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The new TIME cover calls transgenderism America's next civil rights frontier
By Media Mole - 29 May 13:06

"The Transgender Tipping Point" is TIME magazine's coverline on its next issue, calling transgenderism "America's next civil rights frontier".

Daily Mail flag. Photo: Getty
Mail titles overtake The Sun as the UK's most-read newspaper brand
By Media Mole - 29 May 11:54

The battle of the brands in UK newspaper publishing has shifted today, as new figures reveal that the Mail titles have overtaken The Sun as the country's most-read national papers.

Watch: Nick Clegg eating a bacon butty marginally better than Ed Miliband did
By Media Mole - 29 May 10:40

On LBC's Call Clegg this morning, the deputy prime minister was challenged to show the Labour leader how eating a bacon sandwich is done.

An English Defence League protest against Ukip in Gateshead, 23 April 2014. Photo: Getty Images
The Guardian's claim that racism is "on the rise in Britain" is a little bit misleading
By Media Mole - 28 May 12:21

The longer-term average is slightly more hopeful than the initial statistics may appear.

BBC Media City in Salford, Greater Manchester. Image: Getty
Telegraph pot calls BBC kettle "white, middle class", BBC responds in style
By Media Mole - 23 May 11:39

It's fair to say that the Telegraph is never normally a big fan of the BBC, which makes this riposte all the more satisfying.

Full video: Paxman interviews Berlusconi, and asks why he jumped out at Merkel from behind a pillar
By Media Mole - 21 May 10:17

BBC's Newsnight ran an exclusive interview with ex-Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi last night. Watch it here.

Photo: Getty
"I beg your pardon?" Ed Miliband's radio gaffe where he doesn't know who the local Labour leader is
By Media Mole - 20 May 17:00

The Labour leader appears to have no idea who the Swindon councillor is during a radio interview with BBC Wiltshire.

Super market aisle. Photo: Getty
Cost of Living Crisis: Ed Miliband fluffs how much he spends on his weekly shop
By Media Mole - 20 May 13:07

After an interview on ITV's Good Morning Britain today, the Labour leader has had to backpedal on his estimated weekly shopping bill.

Lynne Featherstone. Photo: Getty
Government minister Lynne Featherstone gets election date wrong
By Media Mole - 20 May 10:27

Lib Dem MP and international development minister Lynne Featherstone is a bit calendrically challenged on Twitter.

"Is it true you called Angela Merkel an 'unf***able lard-arse'?": Paxman grilling Berlusconi is on tonight
By Media Mole - 20 May 10:13

A trail for Newsnight's exclusive interview with the former Italian PM promises a grilling worth watching tonight.

Nick Clegg launching his European Election campaign. Photo: Getty
A 'man' is backing the Lib Dems in this week's elections
By Media Mole - 20 May 9:51

The latest campaign literature lol.

Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Getty
Facebook adds a new button to ask people whether or not they're single
By Media Mole - 19 May 18:19

If your relationship status on the social networking site isn't filled in, viewers of your profile can now click 'Ask' to find out. 

Blackadder's Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party looks just like Ukip
By Media Mole - 16 May 10:07

The fictional joke party from Blackadder has exactly the same colours as Ukip. But slightly more sensible policies.

A New York Times sign. Photo: Getty
An internal New York Times report on its fear of digital competition is leaked - to BuzzFeed
By Media Mole - 15 May 17:05

BuzzFeed has obtained the New York Times' 'Innovation Report', an internal document detailing the "urgency" of moving into the digital world.

The Sultan of Brunei. Photo: Getty
Influential magazine awards shun the Dorchester due to owner Sultan of Brunei's anti-gay laws
By Media Mole - 15 May 16:01

The British Society of Magazine Editors has decided to change the venue of its annual prestigious awards ceremony from the Sultan of Brunei-owned Dorchester in a stand against new draconian legislation against same-sex and adulterous relationships.

"I am sick to death of poor people!": bad news for Cameron and chums as new Bullingdon film trailer appears
By Media Mole - 15 May 11:32

Laura Wade's theatre hit Posh, about a fictional thinly-disguised version of Oxford drinking society the Bullingdon Club, has been made into a film.

Pfizer sign. Photo: Getty
Labour MP Austin Mitchell seems to call Pfizer 'rapists' on Twitter
By Media Mole - 14 May 15:21

Female Tory MPs on Twitter are expressing their outrage at a bizarre tweet sent by Labour MP Austin Mitchell about US drug company Pfizer's proposed bid to take over AstraZeneca.

Screengrab of London Live logo, YouTube
London Live TV company lost £1m: here's why the channel's not doing so well
By Media Mole - 14 May 10:33

The company behind the new London Live TV channel has reported a loss of more than £1m in its first financial figures – here's a reminder of the media's worst reviews of the new channel.

Daenerys Targaryen and friend
Mail Online is reporting Game of Thrones like it's a real thing
By Media Mole - 13 May 17:24

Really? Is this how reporting works now?

Nick Clegg. Photo: Getty
Nick Clegg's sick burn on Twitter
By Media Mole - 13 May 16:27

The authoritative online alter ego of the deputy prime minister laid bare.

Good vibrations: one of the participants of the video for Go to Go
Empowering new genre or just another remix? All-women Dutch band ADAM perform techno hit while orgasming
By Media Mole - 13 May 14:00

The women of Dutch techno band ADAM have been a bit of a YouTube hit with their song Go to Go – which they try to sing while using vibrators.

BBC Broadcasting House. Photo: Getty
More n-word trouble at the BBC: DJ David Lowe quits after playing the racist word in a song
By Media Mole - 12 May 11:44

After Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson was given a final warning by the BBC following his use of the n-word in a nursery rhyme, Radio Devon DJ David Lowe has lost his job for playing a song containing the racist term.

Illustration of people fishing. Photo: Getty
"Shows how much you know about pike = nothing": Ukippers get catty over Telegraph sketch
By Media Mole - 09 May 12:53

The Telegraph's parliamentary sketchwriter Michael Deacon was greeted with a bizarre onslaught of anger from Ukip supporters following a sketch containing the apparently offending accusation: "Nigel Farage believes we should pull up the drawbridge and live solely off oats and berries". Luckily, he made a Storify.

The Telegraph's diarist Tim Walker comments on Newsnight presenter Laura Kuenssberg's cleavage
By Media Mole - 08 May 16:36

The Telegraph's diarist Tim Walker, who edits Mandrake, has come under fire for mentioning Newsnight presenter Laura Kuenssberg's cleavage in a piece about whether or not she'll be succeeding Jeremy Paxman on the programme.

A robin sitting on a branch. Photo: Getty
Poor little robins are confused by Radio 5 Live
By Media Mole - 08 May 12:19

The journal Nature has published research that electromagnetic noise from stations such as Radio 5 Live could be disrupting birds' migration paths.

Why the Sun’s “Halal Secret of Pizza Express” isn’t a secret at all
By Media Mole - 07 May 10:51

This morning, the paper has splashed with a story about the chain serving halal chicken, but having been reported last year and detailed on the Pizza Express website, it’s already in the public domain. 

Children watching television. Photo: Getty
No threesomes at teatime, please: why the watershed is leaking
By Media Mole - 07 May 10:22

The TV watchdog has ruled that Two and a Half Men's threesome episode shouldn't have been aired at teatime, when children could have been watching. But Ofcom has no power over television catch-up services.

Molly, UK's Eurovision 2014 entrant, performing. Photo: Getty
Could the UK actually win Eurovision this year?
By Media Mole - 06 May 13:36

Bookies and the Mirror today have Britain’s entry “Children of the Universe” as third favourite to win the contest. 

Bill Oddie with a reindeer. Photo: Getty
Yewtreewatch: Bill Oddie says the investigation "doesn't ring right"
By Media Mole - 02 May 14:41

BBC wildlife veteran Bill Oddie has entered the wilderness of commenting on Operation Yewtree, saying it "doesn't ring right".