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Actor George Clooney arrives for the red carpet of Omega Le Jardin Secret dinner party on May 16, 2014 in Shanghai, China. Photo: Getty Images
Clooney blasts Daily Mail for "dangerous" lies about his fiancée that "exploit religious differences"
By Media Mole - 09 July 11:32

The actor has rounded on the British tabloid for stirring up trouble with an unsourced allegation.

Robin Thicke. Photo: Getty
I know you don't want it: Robin Thicke's new album has sold 530 copies
By Media Mole - 08 July 12:48

Revenge for the nation's ears as the Blurred Lines singer's new offering sells terribly in the UK.

Alan Rusbridger. Photo: Getty
"Hung to his curves": Mail Online gives Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger the Sidebar of Shame treatment
By Media Mole - 07 July 16:49

The Mail surpasses itself by giving the Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger its signature figure-hugging treatment.

Ofsted. Photo: Flickr/Pete
Multimillionaire Tory donor in the running for next Ofsted chair
By Media Mole - 04 July 13:05

David Ross, the multimillionaire co-founder of Carphone Warehouse, is in the frame to succeed Sally Morgan as chair of the education watchdog.

Private Eye. Photo: Getty
The Department for Work and Pensions has an official subscription to Private Eye
By Media Mole - 04 July 12:33

A Freedom of Information request reveals which newspapers and magazines the DWP receives. The department must have a thick skin as one of these is Private Eye.

Watch: George Osborne dodges basic maths question from a 7-year-old on live TV
By Media Mole - 03 July 13:25

Watch the Chancellor bat away a times table question from a child in an interview on Sky.

US goalkeeper Tim Howard reacts during a Round of 16 football match between Belgium and USA at Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador during the 2014 FIFA World Cup on July 1, 2014. Photo: Getty Images
Hey Americans, Tim Howard's been sportsing for years
By Media Mole - 02 July 17:48

Bit late to the party, no?

A pothole. Photo: Getty
The long-term economic plan, hardworking families, and, err, potholes
By Media Mole - 02 July 13:38

The Prime Minister took the modern trend for sloganeering a little far in PMQs today, basically making a State of the Nation address about potholes.

Nigel Farage turns his back on the EU anthem at the opening of the European Parliament
By Media Mole - 01 July 17:34

The Ukip leader led a protest against the European Parliament by standing the wrong way round during Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”.

Victoria Derbyshire is among those leaving Radio 5 live for “new ventures”. Photo: BBC
New Radio 5 live line-up will have only an hour a week fronted by a woman
By Media Mole - 01 July 13:39

High profile presenters Victoria Derbyshire and Shelagh Fogarty are departing, to be replaced by the likes of Adrian Chiles, Peter Allen, and Tony Livesey.

Robin Thicke. Photo: Getty
#AskThicke: Robin Thicke did a Twitter Q+A, and it didn't go so well
By Media Mole - 01 July 11:31

The Blurred Lines singer did a Twitter Q+A hosted by VH1. Mockery and scorn ensued.

Paxman standing by a wall, behind some trees, at the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show. Photo: Getty Images
Paxman comes out as “One Nation Tory”, says Newsnight “made by 13-year-olds”
By Media Mole - 27 June 11:36

Freed from the demands of hiding his own beliefs while host of Newsnight, Jeremy Paxman has started speaking out.

Who or what is the Old Bailey’s court matron?
By Media Mole - 24 June 13:20

As Rebekah Brooks is led away by the Old Bailey's court matron after the hacking trial verdicts, we ask - who is she: Fighter of crime? Upholder of justice? Or a scary nurse?

Louise Mensch: trollier than thou
By Media Mole - 24 June 13:17

All other trolls go home.

Police Officers stand outside the Chelsea Building Society branch in Sunbury-on-Thames on May 7, 2014 in Sunbury, England. Photo: Getty Images
Fact-check: is "half" of police work really related to social media?
By Media Mole - 24 June 12:08

Is the head of the College of Policing correct to say that "at least half" of police time is taken up by crimes on social media?

Why would a grieving family want to hear from a not-quite England footballer, Ian Wright?
By Media Mole - 24 June 10:17

The Sun columnist says football players shirking international duty should have to call the parents of someone killed in Afghanistan and explain themselves. What?

Tory MP Michael Fabricant tweets about punching journalist "in the throat"
By Media Mole - 20 June 9:19

The Conservative MP for Lichfield has just tweeted something very ill-advised about journalist and commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

Owl. Photo: Getty
Labour accidentally tweets promise to give everyone an owl
By Media Mole - 19 June 14:44

Twit-twooing voters: the Labour Press Team has made its best announcement yet.

Ian Hislop. Photo: Getty
Ian Hislop quits Index on Censorship now Steve Coogan's been appointed
By Media Mole - 19 June 13:34

The Private Eye editor Ian Hislop and his deputy editor Francis Wheen have quit a group campaigning for freedom of expression in protest of Steve Coogan being made a patron.

iPad and notebook. Photo: Sean MacEntee/Flickr
"Martin, why did you steal my iPad?" an Australian reporter asks Mail Online's boss
By Media Mole - 19 June 13:07

Could "Martin Clarke stole my iPad" become the new "Freddie Starr ate my hamster"?

"Paxo, please don't go!": Watch Jon Snow's ode to Jeremy Paxman
By Media Mole - 19 June 12:38

UK news has gone slightly nutty now Jeremy Paxman has left Newsnight. Watch his rival big beast at Channel 4 News apparently improvise a song about his departure. It includes a harmonica.

Jeremy Paxman. Photo: Getty
It's Jeremy Paxman's last night on Newsnight: here are his best moments
By Media Mole - 18 June 16:56

Whether he's being fierce and feisty, grumpy and grouchy, or beardy and bubbly, Jeremy Paxman is a memorable Newsnight presenter. To celebrate his last appearance on the show tonight, here are his best bits...

Cow. Photo: Karen Bryan/Flickr
Health committee chair candidate believes in homeopathy for cows and that full moons affect surgery
By Media Mole - 17 June 14:06

David Tredinnick MP is running for chairmanship of parliament's health select committee. But he believes in the power of astrology, and homeopathy for cows.

William Hague and Angelina Jolie. Photo: Getty
John Humphrys accuses William Hague of ignoring "what really mattered" by attending sexual violence conference
By Media Mole - 16 June 11:48

The Foreign Secretary and Angelina Jolie co-chaired the End Sexual Violence in Conflict summit last week. Some of the media have decided this was frivolous hobnobbing.

"Do you think you'd have become Secretary of State had you not been Mrs Clinton?": Jeremy Paxman interviews Hillary Clinton
By Media Mole - 13 June 10:01

The Newsnight presenter grilled Hillary Clinton in an interview shown on last night's programme about Iraq, Russia, her husband, Scottish independence, and returning to the White House.

Ed Miliband, the anti-Murdoch crusader, poses with a special edition of the Sun
By Media Mole - 12 June 16:39

The Labour leader posing with the Sun's special World Cup edition isn't the best banner for his battle against Murdoch...

JK Rowling. Photo: Getty
Scottish charity tweets that JK Rowling is a "bitch" for her Better Together campaign donation
By Media Mole - 11 June 14:16

A Scottish charity called the Dignity Project has tweeted that the Harry Potter author is a "bitch" for coming out against Scottish independence.

Royal Mail van. Photo: Getty
"60,000 copies of that s***e": postal workers threaten to walk out if they have to deliver free Sun copies
By Media Mole - 09 June 16:01

Union members at the Skelmersdale Royal Mail have announced that they will strike if made to post free copies of the Sun, in enduring anger about Hillsborough.