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Rose McGowan says her acting agent dropped her for criticising a sexist casting call

"You can't be fired from your own mind."

The actor Rose McGowan responded angrily about a cleavage-hungry casting note she received on Twitter – and reports that her agents fired her for it.

Here's the tweet:

And here's how her agents reacted, according to McGowan:

She later spoke to Entertainment Weekly (live radio), and elaborated on sexism in Hollywood:

We've kind of moved on from that shit, it's not Mad Men era, I mean, come on. And it's also just like, let's raise the game a little bit.

The part that was an insult to me on that casting notice was how many people that little casting notice had to go through, and nobody flagged that as 'this is messed up'. Nobody did. It's more like the chain of command . . . 

The Adam Sandler thing, it's not him, it's the casting office, the note actually said 'please make sure you read the script so you understand the context of the scenes' - it's an Adam Sandler film, I'm fairly sure I can get away without reading the script. That was the part that was galling - do you think we don't know how to read? We can wear push-up bras, but we don't know how to read . . . 

It's funny and sad and it's pathetic really, but it made me laugh . . . I was discovered standing on a street corner when I was 17 and a half and I was told that I have to have long hair so the men in that town would want to f- me and thus hire me. It stuck in my head, my hair grew long . . . It really messes with your head . . . 

I don't have to play by any rules because they're not there . . . 

If you're not going to be progressive on your own, I'll kick your ass til you are. Basically . . .

I just want to push people into this century, so I have more people to play with. It's really quite selfish.

Listen here:

The Hollywood Reporter names her agents as Sheila Wenzel and Steve Muller at Innovative Artists. Your mole has asked them for comment, but hasn't heard back yet. Perhaps it should whack on a form-fitting tank, turn up at their offices, and try again. It will let you know how this goes.

I'm a mole, innit.