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A round-up of the post-general election 2015 frontpages

Smug, sombre, and sweet.

The general election is over. Here are the papers rubbing the sleep from their eyes and splashing their reactions into the hollow face of Saturday morning.


The Sun goes for a sly chuckle over an all-out gloat.


"One nation" will haunt the PM, as he is bound and chained by his rightwing backbenchers.


The cruelty of the VE Day line-up continues.


This was YOUR wafer-thin majority.


After liberal praise for the Tory government from almost every media organisation..?


The sweetest "career-defining moment".


Well, two. Nicola. Cast in gold.


But don't worry, you can migrate to an EU member state for just £1. A bloody liberty.


But where's Nicola? The "Chosen two", surely.


Make sure you learn the bloody language before you migrate, you freeloaders.

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