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Irish people going #hometovote in the gay marriage referendum is the cutest thing ever

Irish people are travelling from all over the world to vote.

Irish people from all over the world are travelling to Ireland to vote in today's gay marriage referendum. In a heartwarming boost for the Yes campaign, travellers are posting pictures of their journeys tagged #hometovote.

Here are some of the cutest:

The AV referendum just wasn't the same. 

I'm a mole, innit.

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The 43 people Donald Trump listens to

Who are the people the US president follows on Twitter?

The US president Donald Trump is known for his free use of the social media platform Twitter.

Since taking office in January, the president has notably continued to use his own Twitter account @realDonaldTrump instead of switching to the official @POTUS account, instead choosing to tweet his views to his 24.9m followers.

Of the 43 accounts Trump is following, Piers Morgan, the British media personality, has the most followers, clocking in at 5.52m.

Roll over the table below to see how who these 43 people are - or read the whole story at