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What is the Independent editor's mystifying explanation of his paper's philosophy?

"Neo-Aristotelian, Whig radical".

Have you ever looked at this country's mainstream newspapers, sighed, and wondered to yourself over a pensive breakfast why there's no one out there writing for people like you? You, the ordinary, unassuming reader? The impartial observer who doesn't wish their news-consuming experience to be warped and dictated by the vested interests of wealthy, shady media barons? Just a regular, neo-Aristotelian, semi-consequentialist, Whig radical who can't catch a break, current affairs-wise?

Well, quickly slip on your sandals and put down your bowl of protected corn flakes, because it looks like there's a paper on the newsstand just for you: the Independent.

During a Twitter skirmish with Tory commentator and occasional Times columnist Tim Montgomerie, the Independent's editor Amol Rajan explained the philosophy behind his paper in very specific, rather mystifying, terms:

I'm a mole, innit.

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Cabinet audit: what does the appointment of Liam Fox as International Trade Secretary mean for policy?

The political and policy-based implications of the new Secretary of State for International Trade.

Only Nixon, it is said, could have gone to China. Only a politician with the impeccable Commie-bashing credentials of the 37th President had the political capital necessary to strike a deal with the People’s Republic of China.

Theresa May’s great hope is that only Liam Fox, the newly-installed Secretary of State for International Trade, has the Euro-bashing credentials to break the news to the Brexiteers that a deal between a post-Leave United Kingdom and China might be somewhat harder to negotiate than Vote Leave suggested.

The biggest item on the agenda: striking a deal that allows Britain to stay in the single market. Elsewhere, Fox should use his political capital with the Conservative right to wait longer to sign deals than a Remainer would have to, to avoid the United Kingdom being caught in a series of bad deals. 

Stephen Bush is special correspondent at the New Statesman. He usually writes about politics.