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Which MPs have the fewest vowels in their name? One man and his computer's voyage of discovery


Burrowing away through Twitter yesterday evening for a political story, sifting very respectfully through the forests of St George's flags, of course, this mole came across one man and his computer's incredible voyage of discovery. Namely, to find out the percentage of vowels Nick Clegg has in his name, and how this unusual dearth compares to his fellow MPs.

Although the method is described so beautifully by writer and musician Rhodri Marsden himself, this mole will summarise: Clegg actually comes 15th out of the Right Honourable MPs With The Fewest Vowels In Their Name list, which is topped by Lyn Brown MP (once you discount all the Welsh ones). Maria Eagle comes bottom, but you could interpret that as top in the maximum vowelage stakes.

Anyway, here's Rhodri's account of his highly revealing study:

And here's the full list, including those Y-loving Welshies:

1 Llwyd, Elfyn (Plaid Cymru)
2 Brown, Lyn (Labour)
3 Clwyd, Ann (Labour)
4 McClymont, Gregg (Labour)
5 McCarthy, Kerry (Labour)
6 Bryant, Chris (Labour)
7 Shapps, Grant (Conservative)
8 Baldry, Tony (Conservative)
9 Kelly, Chris (Conservative)
10 Knight, Greg (Conservative)
11 Smith, Henry (Conservative)
12 Syms, Robert (Conservative)
13 Clark, Greg (Conservative)
14 Clark, Katy (Labour)
15 Clegg, Nick (Liberal Democrat)
16 Cryer, John (Labour)
17 Flynn, Paul (Labour)
18 Hands, Greg (Conservative)
19 Murphy, Jim (Labour)
20 Prisk, Mark (Conservative)
21 Smith, Nick (Labour)
22 Straw, Jack (Labour)
23 Coffey, Thérèse (Conservative)
24 Grayling, Chris (Conservative)
25 Hendry, Charles (Conservative)
26 McCartney, Karl (Conservative)
27 McDonnell, John (Labour)
28 Murray, Sheryll (Conservative)
29 Pritchard, Mark (Conservative)
30 Raynsford, Nick (Labour)
31 McPartland, Stephen (Conservative)
32 Blunt, Crispin (Conservative)
33 Brown, Russell (Labour)
34 Byles, Dan (Conservative)
35 Chapman, Jenny (Labour)
36 Corbyn, Jeremy (Labour)
37 Crabb, Stephen (Conservative)
38 Francis, Hywel (Labour)
39 Gibb, Nick (Conservative)
40 Gillan, Cheryl (Conservative)
41 Glass, Pat (Labour)
42 Glen, John (Conservative)
43 Goldsmith, Zac (Conservative)
44 Gwynne, Andrew (Labour)
45 Hendrick, Mark (Labour (Co-op))
46 Hunt, Tristram (Labour)
47 Hurd, Nick (Conservative)
48 Lloyd, Stephen (Liberal Democrat)
49 Mann, John (Labour)
50 McDonald, Andy (Labour)
51 Pugh, John (Liberal Democrat)
52 Reckless, Mark (UK Independence Party)
53 Roy, Frank (Labour)
54 Simmonds, Mark (Conservative)
55 Timms, Stephen (Labour)
56 Twigg, Stephen (Labour (Co-op))
57 Willott, Jenny (Liberal Democrat)
58 Wright, Jeremy (Conservative)
59 Bellingham, Henry (Conservative)
60 Campbell, Gregory (Democratic Unionist)
61 Griffiths, Andrew (Conservative)
62 Phillips, Stephen (Conservative)
63 Shepherd, Richard (Conservative)
64 Thornberry, Emily (Labour)
65 Banks, Gordon (Labour)
66 Blackman, Bob (Conservative)
67 Bradshaw, Ben (Labour)
68 Brady, Graham (Conservative)
69 Brown, Gordon (Labour)
70 Burnham, Andy (Labour)
71 Dobson, Frank (Labour)
72 Drax, Richard (Conservative)
73 Glindon, Mary (Labour)
74 Hemming, John (Liberal Democrat)
75 Herbert, Nick (Conservative)
76 Hopkins, Kris (Conservative)
77 McFadden, Pat (Labour)
78 McGovern, Jim (Labour)
79 McKechin, Ann (Labour)
80 McVey, Esther (Conservative)
81 Morgan, Nicky (Conservative)
82 Murphy, Conor (Sinn Fein)
83 Percy, Andrew (Conservative)
84 Perkins, Toby (Labour)
85 Randall, John (Conservative)
86 Sawford, Andy (Labour (Co-op))
87 Smith, Andrew (Labour)
88 Smith, Robert (Liberal Democrat)
89 Spellar, John (Labour)
90 Spencer, Mark (Conservative)
91 Stanley, John (Conservative)
92 Stewart, Rory (Conservative)
93 Trickett, Jon (Labour)
94 Wilson, Sammy (Democratic Unionist)
95 Wright, David (Labour)
96 Wright, Simon (Liberal Democrat)
97 Pincher, Christopher (Conservative)
98 Balls, Ed (Labour (Co-op))
99 Barclay, Stephen (Conservative)
100 Buckland, Robert (Conservative)
101 Cunningham, Tony (Labour)
102 Docherty, Thomas (Labour)
103 Dorrell, Stephen (Conservative)
104 Doughty, Stephen (Labour (Co-op))
105 Dowd, Jim (Labour)
106 Fitzpatrick, Jim (Labour)
107 Gilbert, Stephen (Liberal Democrat)
108 Hammond, Stephen (Conservative)
109 Hancock, Matthew (Conservative)
110 Hepburn, Stephen (Labour)
111 Jackson, Stewart (Conservative)
112 Kennedy, Charles (Liberal Democrat)
113 McCartney, Jason (Conservative)
114 Mitchell, Andrew (Conservative)
115 Mulholland, Greg (Liberal Democrat)
116 Munn, Meg (Labour (Co-op))
117 Rifkind, Malcolm (Conservative)
118 Stringer, Graham (Labour)
119 Sutcliffe, Gerry (Labour)
120 Harrington, Richard (Conservative)
121 McLoughlin, Patrick (Conservative)
122 Phillipson, Bridget (Labour)
123 Bayley, Hugh (Labour)
124 Benn, Hilary (Labour)
125 Bercow, John (Speaker)
126 Betts, Clive (Labour)
127 Burns, Conor (Conservative)
128 Burns, Simon (Conservative)
129 Burt, Lorely (Liberal Democrat)
130 Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey (Conservative)
131 Creagh, Mary (Labour)
132 Cruddas, Jon (Labour)
133 Davies, Glyn (Conservative)
134 Denham, John (Labour)
135 Dodds, Nigel (Democratic Unionist)
136 Doherty, Pat (Sinn Fein)
137 Doran, Frank (Labour)
138 Dromey, Jack (Labour)
139 Durkan, Mark (Social Democratic & Labour Party)
140 Evans, Chris (Labour (Co-op))
141 Field, Frank (Labour)
142 Grant, Helen (Conservative)
143 Harper, Mark (Conservative)
144 Harvey, Nick (Liberal Democrat)
145 Hermon, Lady (Independent)
146 Howell, John (Conservative)
147 Hunter, Mark (Liberal Democrat)
148 Hunt, Jeremy (Conservative)
149 Kendall, Liz (Labour)
150 Kirby, Simon (Conservative)
151 Lamb, Norman (Liberal Democrat)
152 Lammy, David (Labour)
153 McInnes, Liz (Labour)
154 Mills, Nigel (Conservative)
155 Murphy, Paul (Labour)
156 Pawsey, Mark (Conservative)
157 Powell, Lucy (Labour)
158 Roy, Lindsay (Labour)
159 Russell, Bob (Liberal Democrat)
160 Shannon, Jim (Democratic Unionist)
161 Smith, Chloe (Conservative)
162 Stewart, Bob (Conservative)
163 Thurso, John (Liberal Democrat)
164 Turner, Karl (Labour)
165 Twigg, Derek (Labour)
166 White, Chris (Conservative)
167 Wiggin, Bill (Conservative)
168 Wilson, Phil (Labour)
169 Barker, Gregory (Conservative)
170 Benyon, Richard (Conservative)
171 Bingham, Andrew (Conservative)
172 Blenkinsop, Tom (Labour)
173 Blunkett, David (Labour)
174 Bridgen, Andrew (Conservative)
175 Brown, Nicholas (Labour)
176 Burden, Richard (Labour)
177 Chishti, Rehman (Conservative)
178 Clarke, Kenneth (Conservative)
179 Cunningham, Jim (Labour)
180 Fuller, Richard (Conservative)
181 Gardiner, Barry (Labour)
182 Graham, Richard (Conservative)
183 Hammond, Philip (Conservative)
184 Hodgson, Sharon (Labour)
185 Hopkins, Kelvin (Labour)
186 Howarth, Gerald (Conservative)
187 Jackson, Glenda (Labour)
188 Jenkin, Bernard (Conservative)
189 Jenrick, Robert (Conservative)
190 Johnson, Gareth (Conservative)
191 Johnson, Joseph (Conservative)
192 Kwarteng, Kwasi (Conservative)
193 Lancaster, Mark (Conservative)
194 Lansley, Andrew (Conservative)
195 Marsden, Gordon (Labour)
196 McCann, Michael (Labour)
197 Mordaunt, Penny (Conservative)
198 Mosley, Stephen (Conservative)
199 Newmark, Brooks (Conservative)
200 Offord, Matthew (Conservative)
201 Robertson, Hugh (Conservative)
202 Robertson, John (Labour)
203 Sheerman, Barry (Labour (Co-op))
204 Skidmore, Chris (Conservative)
205 Skinner, Dennis (Labour)
206 Slaughter, Andy (Labour)
207 Stevenson, John (Conservative)
208 Stunell, Andrew (Liberal Democrat)
209 Swayne, Desmond (Conservative)
210 Timpson, Edward (Conservative)
211 Vickers, Martin (Conservative)
212 Walker, Charles (Conservative)
213 Willetts, David (Conservative)
214 Williams, Hywel (Plaid Cymru)
215 Ashworth, Jonathan (Labour)
216 Birtwistle, Gordon (Liberal Democrat)
217 Chope, Christopher (Conservative)
218 Djanogly, Jonathan (Conservative)
219 Donaldson, Jeffrey M. (Democratic Unionist)
220 Kawczynski, Daniel (Conservative)
221 Reynolds, Jonathan (Labour (Co-op))
222 Stephenson, Andrew (Conservative)
223 Whittingdale, John (Conservative)
224 Ainsworth, Bob (Labour)
225 Andrew, Stuart (Conservative)
226 Bacon, Richard (Conservative)
227 Baldwin, Harriett (Conservative)
228 Baron, John (Conservative)
229 Barwell, Gavin (Conservative)
230 Beckett, Margaret (Labour)
231 Berry, Jake (Conservative)
232 Boles, Nick (Conservative)
233 Bradley, Karen (Conservative)
234 Brennan, Kevin (Labour)
235 Browne, Jeremy (Liberal Democrat)
236 Bruce, Malcolm (Liberal Democrat)
237 Buck, Karen (Labour)
238 Byrne, Liam (Labour)
239 Campbell, Alan (Labour)
240 Campbell, Menzies (Liberal Democrat)
241 Carswell, Douglas (UK Independence Party)
242 Clarke, Tom (Labour)
243 Coffey, Ann (Labour)
244 Connarty, Michael (Labour)
245 Crausby, David (Labour)
246 Creasy, Stella (Labour (Co-op))
247 Crockart, Mike (Liberal Democrat)
248 Crouch, Tracey (Conservative)
249 Danczuk, Simon (Labour)
250 Edwards, Jonathan (Plaid Cymru)
251 Esterson, Bill (Labour)
252 Farrelly, Paul (Labour)
253 Farron, Tim (Liberal Democrat)
254 Field, Mark (Conservative)
255 Flello, Robert (Labour)
256 Foster, Don (Liberal Democrat)
257 Francois, Mark (Conservative)
258 Godsiff, Roger (Labour)
259 Gray, James (Conservative)
260 Gummer, Ben (Conservative)
261 Gyimah, Sam (Conservative)
262 Halfon, Robert (Conservative)
263 Harris, Tom (Labour)
264 Hart, Simon (Conservative)
265 Hayes, John (Conservative)
266 Henderson, Gordon (Conservative)
267 Hoban, Mark (Conservative)
268 Hoyle, Lindsay (Labour)
269 Jarvis, Dan (Labour)
270 Khan, Sadiq (Labour)
271 Laws, David (Liberal Democrat)
272 Leech, John (Liberal Democrat)
273 Lefroy, Jeremy (Conservative)
274 Lewis, Brandon (Conservative)
275 Lopresti, Jack (Conservative)
276 Lord, Jonathan (Conservative)
277 Luff, Peter (Conservative)
278 McIntosh, Anne (Conservative)
279 McKinnell, Catherine (Labour)
280 Metcalfe, Stephen (Conservative)
281 Miller, Andrew (Labour)
282 Mundell, David (Conservative)
283 Munt, Tessa (Liberal Democrat)
284 Nandy, Lisa (Labour)
285 Nuttall, David (Conservative)
286 Pound, Stephen (Labour)
287 Reynolds, Emma (Labour)
288 Rosindell, Andrew (Conservative)
289 Rudd, Amber (Conservative)
290 Ruffley, David (Conservative)
291 Simpson, David (Democratic Unionist)
292 Simpson, Keith (Conservative)
293 Smith, Owen (Labour)
294 Streeter, Gary (Conservative)
295 Stride, Mel (Conservative)
296 Stuart, Graham (Conservative)
297 Sturdy, Julian (Conservative)
298 Swinson, Jo (Liberal Democrat)
299 Tapsell, Peter (Conservative)
300 Thomas, Gareth (Labour (Co-op))
301 Thornton, Mike (Liberal Democrat)
302 Tomlinson, Justin (Conservative)
303 Tredinnick, David (Conservative)
304 Turner, Andrew (Conservative)
305 Walter, Robert (Conservative)
306 Ward, David (Liberal Democrat)
307 Watson, Tom (Labour)
308 Watts, Dave (Labour)
309 Webb, Steve (Liberal Democrat)
310 Wharton, James (Conservative)
311 Williams, Mark (Liberal Democrat)
312 Williams, Roger (Liberal Democrat)
313 Williamson, Gavin (Conservative)
314 Wilson, Rob (Conservative)
315 Winnick, David (Labour)
316 Woodcock, John (Labour (Co-op))
317 Blackman-Woods, Roberta (Labour)
318 MacNeil, Angus Brendan (Scottish National)
319 Featherstone, Lynne (Liberal Democrat)
320 Gildernew, Michelle (Sinn Fein)
321 Heaton-Harris, Chris (Conservative)
322 Hollingbery, George (Conservative)
323 McDonnell, Alasdair (Social Democratic & Labour Party)
324 Alexander, Danny (Liberal Democrat)
325 Arbuthnot, James (Conservative)
326 Bottomley, Peter (Conservative)
327 Campbell, Ronnie (Labour)
328 Clappison, James (Conservative)
329 Cunningham, Alex (Labour)
330 Curran, Margaret (Labour)
331 Duddridge, James (Conservative)
332 Goodwill, Robert (Conservative)
333 Haselhurst, Alan (Conservative)
334 Lazarowicz, Mark (Labour (Co-op))
335 Lewell-Buck, Emma (Labour)
336 Lidington, David (Conservative)
337 McGovern, Alison (Labour)
338 Miliband, Edward (Labour)
339 Mitchell, Austin (Labour)
340 Murrison, Andrew (Conservative)
341 Ottaway, Richard (Conservative)
342 Robathan, Andrew (Conservative)
343 Robertson, Angus (Scottish National)
344 Sharma, Virendra (Labour)
345 Truss, Elizabeth (Conservative)
346 Whittaker, Craig (Conservative)
347 Wollaston, Sarah (Conservative)
348 Allen, Graham (Labour)
349 Baker, Norman (Liberal Democrat)
350 Barron, Kevin (Labour)
351 Binley, Brian (Conservative)
352 Blears, Hazel (Labour)
353 Burstow, Paul (Liberal Democrat)
354 Cash, William (Conservative)
355 Caton, Martin (Labour)
356 Cox, Geoffrey (Conservative)
357 Davey, Edward (Liberal Democrat)
358 Dunne, Philip (Conservative)
359 Efford, Clive (Labour)
360 Evans, Graham (Conservative)
361 Garnier, Mark (Conservative)
362 Greatrex, Tom (Labour (Co-op))
363 Griffith, Nia (Labour)
364 Hames, Duncan (Liberal Democrat)
365 Hancock, Mike (Independent)
366 Hanson, David (Labour)
367 Hinds, Damian (Conservative)
368 Hughes, Simon (Liberal Democrat)
369 James, Margot (Conservative)
370 Johnson, Alan (Labour)
371 Jones, Andrew (Conservative)
372 Jones, Graham (Labour)
373 Jones, Marcus (Conservative)
374 Jowell, Tessa (Labour)
375 Leigh, Edward (Conservative)
376 Leslie, Chris (Labour (Co-op))
377 Lilley, Peter (Conservative)
378 Loughton, Tim (Conservative)
379 Lumley, Karen (Conservative)
380 Macleod, Mary (Conservative)
381 Maynard, Paul (Conservative)
382 McCabe, Steve (Labour)
383 Menzies, Mark (Conservative)
384 Morris, David (Conservative)
385 Morris, James (Conservative)
386 Neill, Robert (Conservative)
387 Newton, Sarah (Conservative)
388 Norman, Jesse (Conservative)
389 Opperman, Guy (Conservative)
390 Penning, Mike (Conservative)
391 Penrose, John (Conservative)
392 Perry, Claire (Conservative)
393 Pickles, Eric (Conservative)
394 Redwood, John (Conservative)
395 Rogerson, Dan (Liberal Democrat)
396 Rutley, David (Conservative)
397 Sandys, Laura (Conservative)
398 Sheridan, Jim (Labour)
399 Shuker, Gavin (Labour (Co-op))
400 Smith, Angela (Labour)
401 Smith, Julian (Conservative)
402 Tyrie, Andrew (Conservative)
403 Walker, Robin (Conservative)
404 Wishart, Pete (Scottish National)
405 Bebb, Guto (Conservative)
406 Begg, Anne (Labour)
407 Brake, Tom (Liberal Democrat)
408 Brokenshire, James (Conservative)
409 Dakin, Nic (Labour)
410 Fabricant, Michael (Conservative)
411 McDonagh, Siobhain (Labour)
412 Robinson, Geoffrey (Labour)
413 Ruddock, Dame Joan (Labour)
414 Scott, Lee (Conservative)
415 Tami, Mark (Labour)
416 Vaz, Keith (Labour)
417 O'Brien, Stephen (Conservative)
418 Anderson, David (Labour)
419 Beresford, Paul (Conservative)
420 Blomfield, Paul (Labour)
421 Burrowes, David (Conservative)
422 Champion, Sarah (Labour)
423 Collins, Damian (Conservative)
424 Dugher, Michael (Labour)
425 Engel, Natascha (Labour)
426 Evans, Jonathan (Conservative)
427 Evennett, David (Conservative)
428 Fallon, Michael (Conservative)
429 Flint, Caroline (Labour)
430 Garnier, Edward (Conservative)
431 Hamilton, David (Labour)
432 Harman, Harriet (Labour)
433 Harris, Rebecca (Conservative)
434 Hodge, Margaret (Labour)
435 Horwood, Martin (Liberal Democrat)
436 Howarth, George (Labour)
437 Huppert, Julian (Liberal Democrat)
438 Jamieson, Cathy (Labour (Co-op))
439 Kaufman, Gerald (Labour)
440 Mahmood, Khalid (Labour)
441 McCrea, William (Democratic Unionist)
442 Molloy, Francie (Sinn Fein)
443 Morden, Jessica (Labour)
444 Morris, Grahame M. (Labour)
445 Osborne, Sandra (Labour)
446 Qureshi, Yasmin (Labour)
447 Rees-Mogg, Jacob (Conservative)
448 Rotheram, Steve (Labour)
449 Sanders, Adrian (Liberal Democrat)
450 Williamson, Chris (Labour)
451 Woodward, Shaun (Labour)
452 Liddell-Grainger, Ian (Conservative)
453 Primarolo, Dame Dawn (Labour)
454 Adams, Nigel (Conservative)
455 Amess, David (Conservative)
456 Baker, Steve (Conservative)
457 Blackwood, Nicola (Conservative)
458 Brine, Steve (Conservative)
459 Cable, Vince (Liberal Democrat)
460 Cairns, Alun (Conservative)
461 Darling, Alistair (Labour)
462 Davidson, Ian (Labour (Co-op))
463 Davis, David (Conservative)
464 de Bois, Nick (Conservative)
465 Doyle, Gemma (Labour (Co-op))
466 Duncan Smith, Iain (Conservative)
467 Duncan, Alan (Conservative)
468 Elphicke, Charlie (Conservative)
469 Evans, Nigel (Conservative)
470 Green, Kate (Labour)
471 Healey, John (Labour)
472 Heath, David (Liberal Democrat)
473 Heyes, David (Labour)
474 Hillier, Meg (Labour (Co-op))
475 Hollobone, Philip (Conservative)
476 Javid, Sajid (Conservative)
477 Jones, David (Conservative)
478 Jones, Helen (Labour)
479 Jones, Kevan (Labour)
480 Jones, Susan Elan (Labour)
481 Lee, Phillip (Conservative)
482 Leslie, Charlotte (Conservative)
483 Love, Andrew (Labour (Co-op))
484 Mactaggart, Fiona (Labour)
485 Maskey, Paul (Sinn Fein)
486 May, Theresa (Conservative)
487 Milton, Anne (Conservative)
488 Mowat, David (Conservative)
489 Nash, Pamela (Labour)
490 Ollerenshaw, Eric (Conservative)
491 Onwurah, Chi (Labour)
492 Owen, Albert (Labour)
493 Parish, Neil (Conservative)
494 Patel, Priti (Conservative)
495 Ritchie, Margaret (Social Democratic & Labour Party)
496 Ruane, Chris (Labour)
497 Sarwar, Anas (Labour)
498 Sharma, Alok (Conservative)
499 Soubry, Anna (Conservative)
500 Spelman, Caroline (Conservative)
501 Villiers, Theresa (Conservative)
502 Wallace, Ben (Conservative)
503 Walley, Joan (Labour)
504 Watkinson, Angela (Conservative)
505 Whiteford, Eilidh (Scottish National)
506 Williams, Stephen (Liberal Democrat)
507 Wright, Iain (Labour)
508 Fullbrook, Lorraine (Conservative)
509 Robertson, Laurence (Conservative)
510 Burt, Alistair (Conservative)
511 Cameron, David (Conservative)
512 Coaker, Vernon (Labour)
513 Cooper, Yvette (Labour)
514 Davies, Philip (Conservative)
515 Ellis, Michael (Conservative)
516 George, Andrew (Liberal Democrat)
517 Goodman, Helen (Labour)
518 Hilling, Julie (Labour)
519 Holloway, Adam (Conservative)
520 Hosie, Stewart (Scottish National)
521 Johnson, Diana (Labour)
522 Letwin, Oliver (Conservative)
523 Maude, Francis (Conservative)
524 Paterson, Owen (Conservative)
525 Reevell, Simon (Conservative)
526 Reeves, Rachel (Labour)
527 Riordan, Linda (Labour (Co-op))
528 Selous, Andrew (Conservative)
529 Stuart, Gisela (Labour)
530 Teather, Sarah (Liberal Democrat)
531 Vaizey, Edward (Conservative)
532 Vara, Shailesh (Conservative)
533 Zahawi, Nadhim (Conservative)
534 Abrahams, Debbie (Labour)
535 Carmichael, Neil (Conservative)
536 Fovargue, Yvonne (Labour)
537 Fox, Liam (Conservative)
538 Galloway, George (Respect)
539 Hamilton, Fabian (Labour)
540 Hood, Jim (Labour)
541 Mahmood, Shabana (Labour)
542 Meacher, Michael (Labour)
543 Shelbrooke, Alec (Conservative)
544 Soames, Nicholas (Conservative)
545 Weatherley, Mike (Conservative)
546 Wheeler, Heather (Conservative)
547 Winterton, Rosie (Labour)
548 Alexander, Douglas (Labour)
549 Doyle-Price, Jackie (Conservative)
550 Irranca-Davies, Huw (Labour)
551 Morris, Anne Marie (Conservative)
552 Beith, Alan (Liberal Democrat)
553 Benton, Joe (Labour)
554 Bone, Peter (Conservative)
555 Bray, Angie (Conservative)
556 Carmichael, Alistair (Liberal Democrat)
557 Freer, Mike (Conservative)
558 Gale, Roger (Conservative)
559 Gapes, Mike (Labour (Co-op))
560 Greening, Justine (Conservative)
561 Hain, Peter (Labour)
562 Havard, Dai (Labour)
563 James, Siân C. (Labour)
564 Joyce, Eric (Independent)
565 Lavery, Ian (Labour)
566 Lewis, Ivan (Labour)
567 Long, Naomi (Alliance)
568 Mearns, Ian (Labour)
569 Murray, Ian (Labour)
570 Reed, Steve (Labour)
571 Swales, Ian (Liberal Democrat)
572 Swire, Hugo (Conservative)
573 Uppal, Paul (Conservative)
574 Abbott, Diane (Labour)
575 Aldous, Peter (Conservative)
576 Bain, William (Labour)
577 Burley, Aidan (Conservative)
578 David, Wayne (Labour)
579 Davies, David T. C. (Conservative)
580 Ellison, Jane (Conservative)
581 Gove, Michael (Conservative)
582 Green, Damian (Conservative)
583 Heald, Oliver (Conservative)
584 Lewis, Julian (Conservative)
585 McGuire, Anne (Labour)
586 Miller, Maria (Conservative)
587 Raab, Dominic (Conservative)
588 Stewart, Iain (Conservative)
589 Umunna, Chuka (Labour)
590 Young, George (Conservative)
591 O'Donnell, Fiona (Labour)
592 Berger, Luciana (Labour (Co-op))
593 Brazier, Julian (Conservative)
594 Brooke, Annette (Liberal Democrat)
595 Colvile, Oliver (Conservative)
596 Davies, Geraint (Labour (Co-op))
597 Dorries, Nadine (Conservative)
598 Ellwood, Tobias (Conservative)
599 Freeman, George (Conservative)
600 Gilmore, Sheila (Labour)
601 Grieve, Dominic (Conservative)
602 Keeley, Barbara (Labour)
603 Latham, Pauline (Conservative)
604 Leadsom, Andrea (Conservative)
605 Lucas, Caroline (Green)
606 Malhotra, Seema (Labour (Co-op))
607 Morrice, Graeme (Labour)
608 Nokes, Caroline (Conservative)
609 Osborne, George (Conservative)
610 Poulter, Daniel (Conservative)
611 Seabeck, Alison (Labour)
612 Whitehead, Alan (Labour)
613 Greenwood, Lilian (Labour)
614 Alexander, Heidi (Labour)
615 Ali, Rushanara (Labour)
616 Bailey, Adrian (Labour (Co-op))
617 Bruce, Fiona (Conservative)
618 Dinenage, Caroline (Conservative)
619 Donohoe, Brian H. (Labour)
620 Elliott, Julie (Labour)
621 Ellman, Louise (Labour (Co-op))
622 Gauke, David (Conservative)
623 Hague, William (Conservative)
624 Hoey, Kate (Labour)
625 Kane, Mike (Labour)
626 Laing, Eleanor (Conservative)
627 Lee, Jessica (Conservative)
628 Lucas, Ian (Labour)
629 Main, Anne (Conservative)
630 McKenzie, Iain (Labour)
631 Moore, Michael (Liberal Democrat)
632 Paice, James (Conservative)
633 Paisley, Ian (Democratic Unionist)
634 Pearce, Teresa (Labour)
635 Reid, Alan (Liberal Democrat)
636 Vaz, Valerie (Labour)
637 Weir, Mike (Scottish National)
638 Wood, Mike (Labour)
639 Yeo, Tim (Conservative)
640 De Piero, Gloria (Labour)
641 Eustice, George (Conservative)
642 Moon, Madeleine (Labour)
643 Afriyie, Adam (Conservative)
644 Cooper, Rosie (Labour)
645 Eagle, Angela (Labour)
646 Mudie, George (Labour)
647 Austin, Ian (Labour)
648 Meale, Alan (Labour)
649 Reed, Jamie (Labour)
650 Eagle, Maria (Labour)



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There are risks as well as opportunities ahead for George Osborne

The Chancellor is in a tight spot, but expect his political wiles to be on full display, says Spencer Thompson.

The most significant fiscal event of this parliament will take place in late November, when the Chancellor presents the spending review setting out his plans for funding government departments over the next four years. This week, across Whitehall and up and down the country, ministers, lobbyists, advocacy groups and town halls are busily finalising their pitches ahead of Friday’s deadline for submissions to the review

It is difficult to overstate the challenge faced by the Chancellor. Under his current spending forecast and planned protections for the NHS, schools, defence and international aid spending, other areas of government will need to be cut by 16.4 per cent in real terms between 2015/16 and 2019/20. Focusing on services spending outside of protected areas, the cumulative cut will reach 26.5 per cent. Despite this, the Chancellor nonetheless has significant room for manoeuvre.

Firstly, under plans unveiled at the budget, the government intends to expand capital investment significantly in both 2018-19 and 2019-20. Over the last parliament capital spending was cut by around a quarter, but between now and 2019-20 it will grow by almost 20 per cent. How this growth in spending should be distributed across departments and between investment projects should be at the heart of the spending review.

In a paper published on Monday, we highlighted three urgent priorities for any additional capital spending: re-balancing transport investment away from London and the greater South East towards the North of England, a £2bn per year boost in public spending on housebuilding, and £1bn of extra investment per year in energy efficiency improvements for fuel-poor households.

Secondly, despite the tough fiscal environment, the Chancellor has the scope to fund a range of areas of policy in dire need of extra resources. These include social care, where rising costs at a time of falling resources are set to generate a severe funding squeeze for local government, 16-19 education, where many 6th-form and FE colleges are at risk of great financial difficulty, and funding a guaranteed paid job for young people in long-term unemployment. Our paper suggests a range of options for how to put these and other areas of policy on a sustainable funding footing.

There is a political angle to this as well. The Conservatives are keen to be seen as a party representing all working people, as shown by the "blue-collar Conservatism" agenda. In addition, the spending review offers the Conservative party the opportunity to return to ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ as a going concern.  If they are truly serious about being seen in this light, this should be reflected in a social investment agenda pursued through the spending review that promotes employment and secures a future for public services outside the NHS and schools.

This will come at a cost, however. In our paper, we show how the Chancellor could fund our package of proposed policies without increasing the pain on other areas of government, while remaining consistent with the government’s fiscal rules that require him to reach a surplus on overall government borrowing by 2019-20. We do not agree that the Government needs to reach a surplus in that year. But given this target wont be scrapped ahead of the spending review, we suggest that he should target a slightly lower surplus in 2019/20 of £7bn, with the deficit the year before being £2bn higher. In addition, we propose several revenue-raising measures in line with recent government tax policy that together would unlock an additional £5bn of resource for government departments.

Make no mistake, this will be a tough settlement for government departments and for public services. But the Chancellor does have a range of options open as he plans the upcoming spending review. Expect his reputation as a highly political Chancellor to be on full display.

Spencer Thompson is economic analyst at IPPR