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The long-term economic plan, hardworking families, and, err, potholes

The Prime Minister took the modern trend for sloganeering a little far in PMQs today, basically making a State of the Nation address about potholes.

PMQs, Westminster's weekly slogan-spewing carnival of banality, saw a very serious announcement by the PM today. About potholes. We knew it was serious, because the Q and the A were littered with modern Tory party slogans, showing up the hopeless hyperbole of levering a catchphrase into everything. Or, in this case, dropping them down gaping cavities in the road.

Here was the exchange:

Michael Ellis, Conservative MP for Northampton North: "It's thanks to our long-term economic plan that £200m has been allocated to fighting potholes... "

David Cameron: "... This is important because it damages people’s cars, motorbikes and cycles on their way to work. Mending potholes is good for hardworking families."

Doesn't he realise that single slackers drive on our roads too?

Watch our leader here, ruling with a tarmac fist:

Video: Vine/anyabike

I'm a mole, innit.