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Watch: Muslims show they're "Happy" to counter negative media portrayals
By Media Mole - 17 April 10:44

A Muslim blog's joyful "Happy" video is going viral.

Rashida Manjoo speaking at a conference in New Delhi, 1 May 2013. Photo: Getty Images
The UN's special rapporteur did NOT say that Britain was the “most sexist country in the world”
By Media Mole - 16 April 12:04

Rashida Manjoo, human rights expert from the UN, has caused a kerfuffel by declaring the UK is the “most sexist” country in the world - except she hasn't.

Iain Duncan Smith
IDS spends more on his unwatched YouTube channel than most people earn in a year
By Media Mole - 15 April 11:11

In the mood for watching some videos on benefits system reform? The DWP's got you covered.

Why isn't there a Minister for Men?
By Media Mole - 09 April 13:51

It's ridiculous we still have to deal with this kind of thing.

Prime minister David Cameron, in full flight. Photo: Getty Images
Surprise! David Cameron's grasp of welfare stats isn't too great
By Media Mole - 07 April 17:39

The prime minister's op-ed in the Telegraph made a basic numerical error in trying to rebut criticisms from the Archbishop of Westminster.

A bottle of Fairy Liquid. Photo: James Elliman/Flickr
Is downing a pint of Fairy Liquid genuinely a good hangover cure?
By Media Mole - 07 April 15:08

Charlie Brooks is alleged to have tried to down a pint of the bright green dish soap to try and cure his hangover.

The Battersea Power station. (Photo: Getty Images)
Try to read this interview with the Battersea Power Station redeveloper and not want to vomit
By Media Mole - 03 April 17:17

The people who choose what gets built in London have terrible ideas about what the rest of us want or need, and have no idea how wrong they are.

Your move, Modi. Photo: Getty
The Mumbai Mirror makes the most sarcastic newspaper "correction" of all time
By Media Mole - 03 April 11:50

Offers "sincere and unconditional hypocrisy".

CNN's MH370 coverage sinks deeper in search of ratings with gimmicks and black holes
By Media Mole - 01 April 13:37

How best to handle the search for a lost plane? Why, turn the studio into a rubbish simulacrum of the bottom of the sea.

Michael Gove, possibly spitting bars of lyrical destruction. (Photo: Getty)
Michael Gove loves “chap-hop”, did a rap in praise of Toby Young
By Media Mole - 25 March 11:03

There's appropriation, and then there's the education secretary spitting some bars in praise of a friend's free school project in West London. And what the hell is “chap-hop”, anyway?

L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger at her show at New York Fashion Week in 2012. Photo: Getty
Mick Jagger on the front pages: so much for the post-Leveson chill
By Media Mole - 18 March 10:16

Four papers carried photos of the star at the moment he was told of his girlfriend's death. The chilling, censoring effect of the Leveson Inquiry that everyone was so worried about seems not to have kicked in yet. . .

Vogue snaps up Kate Moss as a music critic – music press collectively kicks itself
By Media Mole - 17 March 17:30

Forget 25 years of modelling, fashion collections for Topshop and shenanigans with Pete Doherty, what Kate Moss was really put on this earth to do was review an MOR covers album by her mate George Michael.

Tony Benn with Ali G.
How Tony Benn beat Ali G at his own game
By Media Mole - 14 March 8:19

“Is it called the welfare state because it is well fair?”

Ukip election broadcast warns of alien invasion of Bradford
By Media Mole - 13 March 11:02

Alien holograms from the EU are coming to get your money, apparently.

#ITooAmOxford, #ITooAmCambridge – black and Asian students smash prejudice at elite universities
By Media Mole - 12 March 13:10

The photographic campaign exposes racial stereotypes.

Obama and Galifianakis, between two ferns. (Image: Screenshot)
Watch: Obama does Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, cracks jokes, pulls epic trollface
By Media Mole - 11 March 15:38

He's almost as good at delivering punchlines as delivering speeches.

Lupita Nyong’o with her Oscar at the Vanity Fair party. Photo: Getty
“I remember a time when I too felt unbeautiful”: Lupita Nyong’o on beauty and skin colour
By Media Mole - 04 March 13:14

In her speech at Essence Magazine’s Black Women in Hollywood event, the Oscar winner spoke of how she used to be “teased and taunted about her night-shaded skin”, and how she arrived at the realisation that beauty doesn’t come in shades.

The Daily Express: the front-page immigrant special
By Media Mole - 19 February 13:27

On a splash reporting that "70 per cent say we must ban new migrants", the paper features nothing but celebs who are themselves the product of immigration.

Daily Mail annoyed at Bob Crow for booking his “luxury holiday” through the Daily Mail
By Media Mole - 04 February 15:02

The only thing worse than a union boss on a luxury holiday is a union boss getting a discount on his luxury holiday thanks to a voucher offer.

At last, there's a list of rich white men in GQ
By Media Mole - 03 February 12:37

"Most Connected Men 2014" comes across more as "Men We Know Who Are Likely To Share This Article On Twitter 2014".

Groundbreaking Barneys spring campaign features 17 transgender models
By Media Mole - 31 January 15:12

The campaign is titled “Brothers, Sisters, Sons & Daughters”, and is focused on “the struggles and triumphs a trans person may face in relation to their gender identity”.

Scarlett Johansson chooses SodaStream over Palestinians
By Media Mole - 30 January 13:06

Israeli settlements in the West Bank cause misery for Palestinians - but, of course, one must lend equal weight to the joy that bubbly soft drinks bring to the rest of us.

Watch: Godfrey Bloom mocks disabled student, asks "are you Richard III?" during debate
By Media Mole - 27 January 14:03

The former UKIP MEP resorts to ableism during a debate at the Oxford Union.

WATCH: Nigel Farage doesn't realise how terrible his own party's policies are
By Media Mole - 23 January 14:28

Uniforms for taxi drivers? Old-fashioned colours on trains? Just some of the crap UKIP included in its manifesto for the 2010 election, as revealed to Nigel Farage on the Daily Politics.

New Statesman
Beth Tweddle tries to do a Twitter Q&A; outrageous sexism ensues
By Media Mole - 21 January 16:52

Only five per cent of sports media coverage features women. Wonder why?

Daily Telegraph editor Tony Gallagher leaves the paper
By Media Mole - 21 January 12:42

Chris Evans will become acting editor for the weekday paper. Is a total restructure in the offing?

Mail on Sunday probed Huhne crabs claims, court told
By Press Gazette - 17 January 14:43

Southwark Crown Court has heard claims that Vicky Pryce broke off her engagement to Chris Huhne after he apparently confessed he had had liaisons with other men.