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WATCH: David Cameron forgets his football team
By Media Mole - 25 April 10:17

David Cameron urged his audience to support West Ham - but he supports a different team in similar colours.

If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, who would win the 2015 general election?
By Media Mole - 24 April 13:15

According to the Telegraph, Ukip are reportedly winning "the Google election". But what other fictional elections could produce a landslide result?

LISTEN: the Prime Minister doesn't know how much the Living Wage is
By Media Mole - 23 April 13:24

"I don’t have the figures in my head."

The Doghouse Diaries: is it news when political parties bar journalists from election events?
By Media Mole - 23 April 12:16

Hell hath no fury like a lobby correspondent denied access to a press conference.

Titian, Gordon, the disposal of human corpses, and apologies: a bizarre history of Tory Wikipedia edits
By Media Mole - 22 April 12:29

The Conservative MP Grant Shapps has been accused of editing his rivals’ Wikipedia pages, but such stories are not new.

Ed Milibae: how the Labour leader became a fandom icon
By Media Mole - 22 April 10:05

Students have created an Ed Miliband fandom, where they praise the leader's government policies, leadership potential - and soulful brown eyes.

Is Ed Miliband finally becoming cool?
By Media Mole - 22 April 9:07


Shapps in March 2015, outside 10 Downing Street. Photo: Getty Images
Tory chairman Grant Shapps denies vandalising rivals' Wikipedia pages
By Media Mole - 21 April 17:10

Wikipedia has suspended a user account which it claims has been engaged in "sock puppetry", improving Grant Shapps' biography and editing those of Conservative cabinet ministers.

Carpe diem, Ed. Carpe diem. Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Ed Miliband has learnt what YOLO means - and he loves it
By Media Mole - 20 April 15:11

"That is a good philosophy for politics!"

Milibandimania! Watch as Ed Miliband mobbed by screaming ladies
By Media Mole - 19 April 13:49

Ed Miliband's transformation from punchline into rockstar Prime Minister is almost complete.

Paul Nuttall (of the Ukips). Image: Ukip manifesto.
Ukip deputy leader poses in front of a FAKE library (feel free to clutch your pearls)
By Media Mole - 15 April 12:46

If you can't trust Ukip's posed manifesto photos, who can you trust?

Justine Miliband now has Instagram
By Media Mole - 09 April 14:43

Cupcakes and campaigning.

The Greens' party political boyband broadcast is OK, but about two minutes too long
By Media Mole - 08 April 14:38

It's about two minutes too long, this Green party political broadcast.

Nicky Morgan. Photo: Getty
Nicky Morgan appears to agree that non-doms should pay tax. What?
By Media Mole - 08 April 12:44

But she’s a Conservative minister! This mole is confused.

George Galloway. Photo: Getty
George Galloway argues with Bradford pub that asked him if he was "still a thing" on Twitter
By Media Mole - 04 April 18:53

Bradford West candidate George Galloway suggested he would have Bradford Brewery investigated after its Twitter account asked him if he was "still a thing"

Who is this, and what have they done with Ed Miliband?
By Media Mole - 02 April 0:38

What's happened to Ed Miliband?

Plaid Cymru's manifesto features stock photos with the watermarks still on them
By Media Mole - 31 March 11:20

Always, always double-check before publishing.

Everybody's unhappy with their position in Thursday's televised seven-way debate
By Media Mole - 30 March 14:39

(Except David Cameron, who's just pleased to have created this unholy mess.)