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"That will spelt out in our manifesto". Photo: Getty
Natalie Bennett's incredibly awkward interview with LBC
By Media Mole - 24 February 10:50

“Right, what – what we’re looking at, in terms of the figures here um – what we need to do is actually [silence] er… we’re looking at a total spend of 2. 7 [pause] billion…”

No longer.
Peter Oborne resigns from Telegraph over HSBC coverage
By Media Mole - 17 February 17:48

The paper’s chief political commentator has departed.

Giles Coren confuses his inability to read Amazon Prime’s small print with “corporate rape”
By Media Mole - 16 February 13:27

It must be nice to be able to afford to pay for something for three years without noticing.

 Cathy Newman attends The UK Film Premiere of Shadow Dancer at Cineworld Haymarket on August 13, 2012 in London, England. Photo: Getty Images
Cathy Newman makes half-hearted apology over “inappropriate” mosque claims
By Media Mole - 12 February 11:18

Apologises for tweets sent “in haste” about being “ushered” out of mosque, contrary to CCTV footage.

Grayson Perry's cover art for his guest-edited issue of the NS.
The BBC uses Grayson Perry's New Statesman guest edit to advertise the Today Programme
By Media Mole - 06 February 13:06

The Great White Male rears his head again.

Soon Alan Rusbridger will be looking through this window from the other side. Photo: Muir Vidler/New Statesman
Staff ballot for next editor is causing untold angst at the Guardian
By Media Mole - 06 February 10:11

The staff at the Guardian get a chance to vote on who they think the next editor should be. But how can they do that when they don't know who all the candidates are?

"F*** YOU!": Louise Mensch's Twitter tirade against Saudi Arabia and David Cameron
By Media Mole - 26 January 12:39

"Shame on the supine male leaders of the West".

Caroline Lucas campaigns against Page 3 in parliament.
The 8 opinions everyone is having on the end of Page 3
By Media Mole - 20 January 9:22

How to have the hottest take on the biggest media story of the day.

Al Murray announces he's running against Farage in South Thanet
By Media Mole - 14 January 15:41

"Let it be known, like many of the parliamentary hopefuls in the upcoming election, I have no idea where South Thanet is. But did that stop Margaret Thatcher from saving the Falkland Islands? No."

Rupert Murdoch had a thought about "Moslems" following Charlie Hebdo shooting
By Media Mole - 10 January 9:31

The media mogul says the world's 1.4 billion Muslims are "responsible" for the massacre of Charlie Hebdo's staff because they have not rooted out the "jihadist cancer".

The Twitter logo. Photo: Getty Images
Louise Mensch thinks Charlie Hebdo was one person
By Media Mole - 07 January 16:08

Former Tory MP believes strongly that "his" work should be celebrated.

Belgian PM Charles Michel (left) being covered with chips by a LilithS protester (centre). Photo: Getty Images
Belgian PM doused with chips and mayo in the most Belgian protest ever
By Media Mole - 22 December 14:11

Takes it in better humour than John Prescott getting hit with an egg.

READ: 32 statements the government rushed through and hoped you wouldn't read
By Media Mole - 18 December 14:42

Here are those ministerials statements they hoped you wouldn't notice. Kind of.

Who will replace Alan Rusbridger at the Guardian?
By Harry Lambert - 10 December 18:40

We break down the runners and riders to be the next Guardian editor, as Alan Rusbridger announces his resignation after 20 years.

Alan Rusbridge arrives at Portcullis House to face questions from the Home Affairs Committee on December 3, 2013 in London, England. Photo: Getty Images
Alan Rusbridger stepping down as Guardian editor-in-chief
By Media Mole - 10 December 16:15

Longstanding head stands down.