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Irish people going #hometovote in the gay marriage referendum is the cutest thing ever
By Media Mole - 22 May 11:26

Irish people are travelling from all over the world to vote.

The many lives of Liz Kendall's website: A Cautionary Tale in Website Registration Best Practice
By Media Mole - 20 May 14:27

Liz Kendall today launched a new website, www.lizforleader.com. But her aides neglected to register www.lizforleader.co.uk, with "hilarious" consequences. 

Robert Halfon wants to rebrand the Tories as “The Workers’ Party”. Photo: Getty.
Robert Halfon wants to rebrand the Tories as “The Workers’ Party” – but what would YOU call them?
By Media Mole - 19 May 14:34

“When we knock on people’s doors, I want people to know we are on their side – on the side of the workers, that we are the workers,” said the MP for Harlow.

A ballot paper, awaiting a cross.
A Welsh voter drew a "detailed" penis on his ballot paper - and it was declared valid
By Media Mole - 15 May 8:00

 "The returning officer deemed it a valid vote".

Congratulations on your all-male panel! The Tumblr that exposes how men dominate public events
By Media Mole - 14 May 17:38

The Hoff approves your sausage-fest in a new site dedicated to all the times conference organisers forgot that 51 per cent of the population exists and might have something to contribute.

Nigel Farage: massive cult. Photo: Getty
BBC presenter accidentally calls Nigel Farage a c*** live on air
By Media Mole - 14 May 14:44

Norman Smith accidentally unleashes the C-Bomb on Nigel Farage while describing the problem with his "personality cult".

After a ten-year legal battle, the Prince Charles "black spider" letters are released
By Media Mole - 13 May 17:38

But what's the Patagonian Toothfish got to do with it?

Watch: new Tory minister Priti Patel's excruciating blather when asked if she still supports the death penalty
By Media Mole - 13 May 11:52

"Why are you not willing to say whether or not you believe something?"

This is not a photograph of David Lammy. Photo: David Lammy via Twitter
David Lammy's local newspaper mixes him up with a former junta leader from Sierra Leone
By Media Mole - 12 May 15:07

"If anyone knows who this guy is please let him know he's now the MP for Tottenham. . ."

The saddest tweet of all: a minister who didn't know he had been reshuffled
By Media Mole - 11 May 11:58

He's not crying. It's just raining on his face.

A BNP canvasser in the 2014 European elections. Photo: Getty Images
A list of all of some of the minor parties who received more votes than the BNP
By Media Mole - 08 May 16:56

A small silver lining - the BNP's national vote has utterly collapsed.

Watch: this 8 Mile remix of "Ed Miliband: A Portrait" wins at politics
By Media Mole - 04 May 16:14

There's vomit on his fleece already.

Russell Brand endorses Labour
By Media Mole - 04 May 12:50

The comedian, who had previously encouraged people not to vote, has endorsed a Labour victory in the election.

Miliband's Policy Obelisky. Photo: Twitter screengrab
Pledges carved in stone: Ed Miliband's Policy Cenotaph mocked on Twitter
By Media Mole - 03 May 12:20

Who needs a pledge card or a pledge mug, when you can have a pledge rock? Ed Miliband has had Labour's promises carved on to an 8ft 6in monument.

Is Russell Brand going to endorse Labour? (Part II)
By Media Mole - 01 May 18:09

The comedian has released a teaster trailer, suggesting there is more to his Ed Miliband interview.

The front pages of the Sun and Scottish Sun.
The Sun says: Stop the SNP! The Scottish Sun says: Back the SNP!
By Media Mole - 29 April 22:26

Are the Scottish nationalists "saboteurs" or Scotland's best hope? It depends which edition of the Sun you buy.

LISTEN: David Cameron doesn't know how much national debt has increased
By Media Mole - 29 April 15:41

"I haven't got the figure off the top of my head."

Twitter master Sturgeon. Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Nicola Sturgeon runs her own Twitter. She's really great at it
By Media Mole - 29 April 14:09

“AARGH...why can't you just use Twitter for automated retweets like a normal politician?”

David Cameron has no "time to hang out with Russell Brand" – but fits Jeremy Clarkson and Katie Hopkins in
By Media Mole - 28 April 15:02

The Prime Minister clearly has plenty of time for celebs – including Katie Hopkins and Jeremy Clarkson.

A journalist used the words "little slut" in conversation with Theresa May. What larks!
By Media Mole - 26 April 11:02

We really need a macro for putting "Seriously?" in the standfirst.

WATCH: David Cameron forgets his football team
By Media Mole - 25 April 10:17

David Cameron urged his audience to support West Ham - but he supports a different team in similar colours.