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If we want to be happy, should we all move to the country?
By Martha Gill - 30 January 13:47

Green spaces, biodiversity and real lawns have all been shown to boost mental wellbeing.

New Statesman
Why personality tests don't work
By Martha Gill - 09 December 15:43

It's time we stopped basing important decisions on them.

In the lab.
Scientific journals should stop trying to be exciting - and focus on being right
By Martha Gill - 28 November 12:19

Scientists desperate to have an "impact" in their field are cherry-picking and misrepresenting their results. It's the natural result of a desperate scramble to publish.

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What is the one word that's the same in every language?
By Martha Gill - 13 November 15:01

The only word in the world that can do its particular job.

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The science of why you hate your daughter’s boyfriend
By Martha Gill - 04 November 14:46

One computer model seems to have the answer.

My job application to be Nadine Dorries' daughter
By Martha Gill - 13 September 11:48

I would like to be considered for the role of Nadine Dorries' other daughter.

David Cameron is wrong: falling crime rates are not because of the "magnificent" police
By Martha Gill - 18 July 15:25

Crime falls by nine per cent: but the government can't claim this as their victory.

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George Osborne's phrasing on the welfare cuts is sly
By Martha Gill - 27 June 17:47

Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.

No, Nick Clegg didn't say domestic violence was a "fleeting thing"
By Martha Gill - 20 June 14:41

Clegg's Lawson/Saatchi comments have been wilfully misinterpreted.

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Three things feminists need to stop talking about
By Martha Gill - 13 June 10:30

Martha Gill's "Irrational Animals" column.

CAPITAL LETTERS, affectedly boisterous sex, little girl voice: internet feminists all write the same. This is a problem
By Martha Gill - 09 May 13:20

The perils of Groupthink - Martha Gill's "Irrational Animals" column.

Nyumbani: the artificial village that pairs HIV orphans with bereaved grandparents
By Martha Gill - 04 March 13:52

“It’s really quite simple, but people complicate it."

The science of getting your own back
By Martha Gill - 15 February 7:50

Martha Gill's "Irrational Animals" column.

Samantha and David Cameron with their daughter Nancy
Why "family men" make terrible bosses
By Martha Gill - 30 January 8:00

Martha Gill's "Irrational Animals" column.

If scientists wrote horoscopes, this is what yours would say
By Martha Gill - 17 January 8:00

Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.

The Aaron Swartz lesson: how undeveloped laws target the vulnerable
By Martha Gill - 17 January 5:52

A tragedy, with a powerful moral.

Bathtub acrobat David O'Mer during a performance
Trying to start afresh this year? Have a bath. No, really
By Martha Gill - 09 January 9:29

Martha Gill's "Irrational Animals" column.

B is for bad grammar.
Grammar and spelling pedants: this is why you're wrong
By Martha Gill - 18 December 13:39

Martha Gill's "Irrational Animals" column.

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How knowledge makes you stupid
By Martha Gill - 29 November 6:59

Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.

Newt Gingrich opining away on Fox News.
Political middlemen and dart-throwing chimps
By Martha Gill - 15 November 9:19

Martha Gill's "Irrational Animals" column.

Why brain-teasers don't work
By Martha Gill - 05 November 9:56

Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.

How to escape from jail: a tough but intelligent approach
By Martha Gill - 25 October 9:21

Martha Gill's Irrational Animal's Column.

When "nudge" is just another word for "advert"
By Martha Gill - 08 October 11:29

Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.

How God corrupts creatures great and small
By Martha Gill - 06 September 15:59

Only Mitchell and Webb's Bad Vicar can save them - Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.

Ben Ainslie. Photograph, Getty Images
Why we should all fear failure
By Martha Gill - 08 August 16:00

Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.

"Innovation" is an NHS buzzword. It shouldn't be.
By Martha Gill - 25 July 8:51

Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.