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Injunction breach is latest example of 'Streisand effect'

Lawyers are "swimming against the historical tide of connectedness online" in recent injunction case

An injunction that granted anonymity to the claimant in a defamation case at the High Court has been widely breached online - in what has been described as an example of the 'Streisand effect'.

The Streisand effect is what happens when an attempt to keep something secret leads to people - particularly in the online world - making greater efforts to uncover the information.

It is named after singer and actress Barbara Streisand, who in 2003 filed a $50m dollar lawsuit against Kenneth Adelman after he posted an aerial photo of her ocean-side home in Malibu on his website, which contained some 12,000 pictures of the California coastline as a way of documenting coastal erosion.

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