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Northcliffe's Bristol and Bath entertainments mag to close

Venue magazine suffers from decline in ad sales.

A Bristol and Bath entertainments and listings magazine owned by Northcliffe will publish its final edition next month because of decline ad sales.

Venue magazine, which was launched in 1982, is being close by its parent company once it has finished its commitment to publish two final editions in the coming weeks.

The last issue is expected to by number 962 which will be published on 16 March - several redundancies are expected as a result of the closure.

Joe Spurgeon, Venue editor, broke the news last week on the Venue website, saying: "If you follow the local news, blogging world, Twitter or indulge in the odd spate of pub gossip, you may have heard that we are facing closure.

"This is true. A relatively small decline in readership coupled with a thundering decline in ad revenue has meant that what we do is no longer sustainable."

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