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Economist Group launches its Intelligent Life magazine on iPad

App will feature all print content as well as additional digital features

After launching its own iPad application last month, the Economist Group will soon bring out its quarterly lifestyle and culture magazine Intelligent Life as an iPad-only title in the US and other international regions.

Currently, Intelligent Life has print distribution in Europe, the Middle East and Africa only.

The free to download iPad version of the magazine includes all articles from the print edition, as well as complementary audio and video content.

The inaugural iPad issue, sponsored by Credit Suisse, includes a mini biography of Ralph Fiennes, a comparison of "Appleism vs Googleism", and an essay asking why we are turning verbs into nouns. Users can also listen to clips of reviewed music or watch film excerpts through embedded audio and video on the app.

Editor of Intelligent Life Tim de Lisle describes the iPad as "both a library and a lightbox".

Several iPad only titles have been launched in the recent past as publishers look to tap the additional sources of revenue created by the device.