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Retired teachers, Greens stage protest outside Hearst headquarters

Group of five retired teachers demanded to be interviewed for Cathie Black's job

To protest the appointment of Cathie Black, the former head of Hearst Magazines, as NYC schools chancellor, a small group of Green Party members staged a demonstration in front of the Hearst Corporation headquarters in Midtown Manhattan.

The group of five retired teachers even walked through the glass doors with resumes in hand and demanded to be interviewed for Cathie Black's job.

"You will see if you review my resume that I am absolutely unqualified to run a publishing company, which is exactly what Cathie Black is to run the NYC public school system," Gloria Mattera, former Green Party candidate for lieutenant governor, said.

Elizabeth Shanklin, a 30-year educator who was leading the protest, said Cathie Black was not qualified to take over the school system.

"We are trying to show how preposterous it is to put a person with no education qualifications as a leader of professional educators. Mayor Bloomberg is part of an agenda to privatise public schools and turn them into private for-profit businesses," she claimed.

However, the group of five protesters could not advance much further as they were stopped by the security at Hearst after politely accepting their resumes.