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Wenner Media fires Men's Journal editor Brad Wieners

Wieners dropped from magazine after three years in charge.

Wenner Media chairman Jann Wenner dismissed Men's Journal editor Brad Wieners on Friday, New York Times "media equation" columnist David Carr posted on his Twitter page.

"Jann Wenner, who uses and discards editors like paper plates, just dumped Brad Wieners at Men's Journal according to an email just got," Carr wrote.

On Saturday, Wieners confirmed the news in an email to The Observer, saying, "I will remain grateful for the opportunity ... I hope they have a plan for the magazine's continued success bc it's doing as well or better than it ever has."

The men's lifestyle magazine recorded a 24.7 per cent newsstand growth in the first half of the year.

Jan Wenner, who launched the magazine 18 years ago, became top editor at Men's Journal five years ago, and has since been known for changing its editor and publisher frequently.

Jim Kaminsky had edited the magazine for just eight months before being replaced by Brad Wieners in November 2007. Similarly, Kaminsky's predecessor Tom Foster had donned the editor's hat for only 15 months.

The company said it would announce a successor soon.