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Wenner Media facing class action lawsuit for spam texting

Publishers of Rolling Stone, US Weekly and Men's Journal, charged with trying to sell subscriptions

Wenner Media, the publishers of Rolling Stone, US Weekly and Men's Journal, have been charged with trying to sell magazine subscriptions through text mails and a class action lawsuit has been filed against them for their aggressive marketing practices.

The publishers allegedly made unsolicited text message calls to consumers to promote paid subscriptions to their products, including magazines, identity protection services and discount clubs.

The lawsuit, filed on Tuesday in Illinois District Court against Wenner Media and Consumer Benefit Services, seeks an injunction requiring the companies to stop all wireless spam activities.

It also demands an award of statutory damages to the class members, together with costs and reasonable attorneys' fees.

The lawsuit further states that under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits unsolicited voice and text calls to cell phones, consumers who received the texts -- sent from Consumer Benefit Services on behalf of Wenner Media - be awarded damages of $500 per message, totalling $65m.