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Live magazine offers advertising space to garner funds

Magazine has secured sponsorship from Red Bull, O2 and YouTube

Live, the free quarterly London-focused youth magazine based in Brixton, has offered advertising space for the first time in its November issue following cuts in its funding from Lewisham Council.

Red Bull and 02 have come forward to sponsor the magazine, run by volunteers aged between 14 and 24. The November as well as the following three monthly issues of Live magazine will feature a double-page, co-created advertorial for the 02 brand.

Live's designers will also create advertisements for the Red Bull brand which will run in its November and three subsequent issues. The magazine has also secured sponsorship from YouTube and will have a feature about the online video sharing portal.

The back page of the magazine's November issue will be devoted to SuperMe, an online game by Channel 4 Education, aimed at teenagers.

Mira Jessani, senior account executive, Livity, said the magazine had decided to approach advertisers as it did not want to rely on funding.
"The move to introduce advertising was triggered by local funding cuts, but it was also motivated by a desire to create a more sustainable model for the title generally," she said.

The title, aimed at schools, colleges, youth centres and street teams, offers an open-door policy to any young person wishing to contribute.