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Layoffs hit Bloomberg Businessweek yet again

Cuts to online staff of magazine, following 100 redundancies earlier this year.

Close on the heels of letting go more than 100 people at Businessweek earlier this year after taking over the magazine from the McGraw-Hill Companies, Bloomberg laid off an unspecified number of staffers yet again on Tuesday.

The cuts were apparently in the online staff of the magazine, according to Talking Biz News.

Talking Biz News confirmed that the site's news editor Phil Mintz and managing editor of its investing channel Will Andrews were among those laid off.

In a statement to Talking Biz News yesterday, Heather Carpenter, a magazine spokeswoman, said, "The process of integrating the two organisations is an on-going one. As such, there was a small reduction of employees on the editorial side of today."

Bloomberg has a December 1 deadline to honour Businessweek's severance agreement, which might have been a factor in the round of cuts.