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W magazine to feature in upcoming episodes of Gossip Girl

Unnamed character to intern for the title in hit US TV series.

W magazine will be featured in an upcoming story arc on US television series "Gossip Girl" in which an unnamed character will intern for the title.

WWD Media reports that about six to eight episodes of the prime-time soap will be filmed at the fashion magazine's offices at 1166 Sixth Avenue, New York, to be aired around the end of January.

W magazine's managing editor Regan Solmo broke the news in a memo to employees.

The "Gossip Girl" crew also commenced a one-day shoot at the magazine's office on Monday.

Set dressers recreated the fashion magazine's offices for the shoot, stuffing empty shelves with books and adding art to the walls.

According to WWD, employees, who chose to, could serve as paid extras during the shoot, though producers asked those who were game not to wear all white, all black or "crazy stripes."

"The character faces the challenge of being part of the social elite and then thrust into the 'real world,' where one starts out on the bottom rung of the ladder," a W spokeswoman said.