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Reality show winner leaves prize job at Elle

Johanna Cox cites the "the ridiculously low pay, unforgiving schedule" as reasons for leaving.

The winner of the American reality show "Stylista" Johanna Cox, who beat eleven contestants on the CW show for a junior editor position at fashion magazine Elle, has quit after two years.

Cox who was awarded an editorial position at the New York- based magazine, along with a paid lease on a Manhattan apartment and a clothing allowance at H&M got to stay on after her CW-appointed year of service, without the perks.

Citing the "the ridiculously low pay, unforgiving schedule" in addition to the office politics which Cox describes as "venomous middle-school antics," the reality-show winner has decided to leave the magazine.

In a blog post titled Dreams are for Poor People, Cox elaborated on her reasons for leaving the coveted job saying, "At the end of this summer, just under two years invested, I came to a hard realisation: Regardless of how much I loved my work (and most of the people I worked with), my overall quality of life had deteriorated."

"Johanna was a capable member of the Elle staff for two years. We wish her well in her future endeavours," said Elle Director of Public Relations Erin Kaplan.