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Front magazine publisher complains to OFT against Sainsbury's

OFT unlikely to decide in magazine's favour

Front magazine's publisher Dominic McVey has lodged a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) against Sainsbury's after the retailer refused to sell the glossy at their outlets as they had an issue with the nudity on Front's cover.

McVey asked the OFT to take action against the retailer stating that his magazine was missing out on about 2,000 copy sales a month generated in the supermarket.

He also alleged that the title was being sold in Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and other high-street stores, but was being unfairly ostracised by Sainsbury's.

The publisher said the glossy had toned down the imagery on its cover after a Sainsbury's magazine buyer had an issue with the nudity. "It is not a topless magazine, but one that features music, fashion and sport among other things," McVey claimed.

However, insider sources said the OFT was unlikely to decide in Front's favour as Sainsbury was free to make a commercial decision on what magazines it wanted to stock on its shelves.