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Dirk Barnett leaves Conde Nast's Lucky to join Tina Brown

Newsweek and The Daily Beast merge but continue to publish separately

Editor-in-chief of Newsweek and The Daily Beast Tina Brown has poached Dirk Barnett from Lucky of the Conde Nast stable, to make him the new creative director of the venture.

IAC/InteractiveCorp CEO Barry Diller and Newsweek owner Sidney Harman have yet to finalise their merger agreement to establish The Newsweek Daily Beast Company. The deal will see the two companies merge in a 50/50 joint venture, with management reporting to an independent board.
Both Newsweek and The Daily Beast would continue to publish separately after the merger.

Nevertheless, Brown has tapped Barnett from Lucky, which is currently in the middle of a brand renovation itself under former Jane editor Brandon Holley.

Barnett joined Lucky from Maxim magazine and had worked under Holley for just two days before accepting Brown's offer.